Woodworking 4 Home Review

Published in Uncategorized on 4th April 2011

One good way to engage in green living is to build your own furniture. However to start you will require good and accurate woodworking plans. True you may argue that these plans are also available for free online… but these plans are often inaccurate with no guarantees on their workability!

So it was this issue that lead to the compiling of Woodworking 4 Home by Mr John Metz, a woodworker with up to 20 years of experience. It is a gallery of up to 14000 woodworking plans that took him 6 years and thousands of hours’ worth of buying, reading and restructuring woodworking plans.

Benefits of owning Woodworking 4 Home

Downloadable e-book

Woodworking 4 Home is offered as a downloadable gallery for you to carry it around be it in your laptop or USB drive allowing you access anywhere in any computer. It can also be burnt into CDs for you to pass this good product around among your friends or loved ones.

Ease of Reading

This e-book is divided into clear sections by the size of projects and according to the skills of the owner. There is also a section that teaches you on the type of wood and what project it is suitable for fabricating.

Printable plans for easy reference

The plans inside Woodworking 4 Home are in printable pdf files for easy reference with no requirement for your laptop all the time.

All-In-One Product  

This compilation of woodworking plans cater for a wide variety of projects ranging from small ones like shelves and stools to larger scale like sheds and gazebos for various needs or proficient levels making it a well-rounded product for aspiring wood-workers.

For those green energy enthusiasts, there is even a plan for you to build your own wind generator – giving you the chance to generate your own free and green energy! Building your own wind-turbine also saves you a lot of cash and promotes family bonding!

Green Lifestyle

Making your own furniture is also a form of green lifestyle as it helps to prevent usage of non-sustainable forests by some furniture makers and also to protect your loved from harmful VOCs that can be present in some store bought furniture.

Free Bonuses

Upon purchase of Woodworking 4 Home, you will be entitled to bonuses that are exclusive only to members. However for your information, I have offered a sneak preview below to the members’ area below.

You will be issued a Woodworking 4 Home membership card with a unique password for you to gain access into the exclusive membership area. In there, you will able to access unadvertised bonuses like videos to better guide you in your projects.

Legit Product

The Woodworking 4 Home e-book is a legit product offered under ClickBank, the Internet leading retailer of digital products. There is a 60 days money-back guarantee that comes with this product thus eliminating the fear of buying fake products offered by scammers.

In Conclusion…

From my research, there is no such product available that offers such an extensive compilation of plans with step-by-step instructions, photos and videos to guide woodworkers in their projects. So do think it over.. and if you decide that Woodworking 4 Home is suitable for you this is the link to the official site: Woodworking 4 Home.

(Last Updated as of 2nd April 2012)