Water Saving Showerheads: Some points to consider…

For shower heads to be awarded the WaterSense label, they have to be certified by third party laboratories to meet EPA water efficiency and performance criteria using a set of procedures. However the few basic criteria for WaterSense labelled shower heads are as follows

–          If the shower head has more than one mode of operation, the maximum water flow in all the modes must be specified and be equal to or less than 2.0 gallons per minute (GPM) or 7.6 litres per minute (L/min).

–          The shower heads shall not be packaged, marked or provided with instructions that will lead the user to using an alternative setting that would override the maximum flow rate of 2.0 GPM.

–          Instructions pertaining to the maintenance of the water saving shower heads, that includes changing or cleaning of its components, should direct the user the method to reset the product to its intended maximum flow rate.

For more information especially the actual procedures carried out behind the certification that also includes force of the water spray and coverage, it can be downloaded here.

While researching on this topic, we came across some popular water saving shower heads models, like Delta Faucet 75152, American Standard Flowise . In view of this, we have also compiled unbiased reviews on these water saving shower heads to allow interested consumers to compare and also to find out about the best deals to get them.  


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