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Written by Wilson Yeo on February 18, 2012 
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9 Top Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Last updated on April 26th, 2024 at 01:10 pm

1. Cost-saving benefits

This is mainly due to no costs incurred as no standby power is required, as in conventional tank water heaters, to keep the water in the storage tank heated constantly. This is also a green feature as lesser wastage of power is incurred and so lesser requirement for electricity in the long run.

2. Smaller footprint

Tankless water heaters are way much smaller than the conventional tank water heaters thus giving it a much smaller foot print. This aesthetic is perfect for people who stay in a small household and suffer from space constraint.

3. Good thermal efficiency/ Energy factor

There are tankless water heaters models readily available out there that are Energy-star certified with very good thermal efficiencies and energy factor. A tankless water heater with a good energy factor means that that particular model is able to utilise most of the energy provided and divert it to its main function of heating up your water.  

Thermal efficiency measures the  performance of a device that utilises thermal energy and expresses it in percentage. In short, the higher the percentage the better your device is! For a gas-powered water heater, a typical thermal efficiency is around 80%. Tankless water heaters produced by Rinnai , Rheem offer gas-powered tankless water heaters that higher thermal effiencies higher than 80%.   

4. Lowered carbon footprint

Tankless water heaters models running on green fuel sources like natural gas and propane are readily available. Coupled with lesser wastage of power as mentioned above, it will reduce your overall carbon foot print.

5. Versatility in deployment

Many types of tankless water heaters are readily available to suit your usage. There are a few types available in the market; indoor and outdoor models.

Indoor models like the Rinnai R75LSi can be installed in almost every room regardless in commercial or residential settings. There have also been cases where they are installed onboard ships and mobile homes thus highlighting its versatility.

Outdoor models like from Eccotemp like the Eccotemp L10 can be deployed outdoors in your campsites or cabins. These units offer you the luxury of having heated water in such off-the-grid locations.


A wide variety of capcacities are readily available for you to size your tankless water heaters to best suit your household! The capacity of a tankless water heater is measured in gallons per minute (GPM).

A very good place for you to start your research on the available capacities is via online sites like Amazon. Check out the wide range of tankless water heaters from this link here: Tankless Water Heaters online.

7. Lesser money incurred for maintenance

Maintenance costs for a tankless water heater, as compared to the tank water heater, will be lesser as there are lesser replaceable components like sacrificial anodes and tank that are found in the tank water heater.

8. Presence of reputable brands

The presence of reputable brands like Rinnai, Rheem and Bosch makes selecting your own tankless water heater a pleasant chore! You can choose the brands and size that are most suitable for your household and your needs. Read my product reviews to help you decide!

9. Best Deals always available for brands

Buying a tankless water heater is an easy matter! Best deals are always readily available online especially on Amazon. A wide selection of brands, with ready stock, are always available at the lowest prices. To find out more here is the link showcasing the selection of brands of tankless water heaters  available on Amazon: Best Deals for Tankless Water Heaters.   


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