Rinnai RU199iN Review: Does It Outperform Others?

Rinnai RU199iN

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:56 am

Imagine never running out of hot water during a soothing shower or when filling up your soaking tub. That’s the convenience a reliable hot water heater can bring to your home.

We’re taking a closer look at the Rinnai RU199iN, a natural gas condensing tankless water heater that promises energy efficiency with consistent hot water on demand.

Tankless water heaters are increasingly popular due to their capacity to supply hot water without the standby energy losses typical of storage water heaters.

The Rinnai model is designed to meet the demands of a busy household, heating water only as it’s needed, which can lead to energy savings in the long run.

Experience limitless hot water with the SENSEI™ RU199iN Super High Efficiency Plus condensing tankless water heater by Rinnai.

The Rinnai is recirculation capable and offers the flexibility of scheduled for quicker hot water access, potentially reducing wait times and water waste.

With the provision of a compatible wireless module, you could also enjoy the convenience of monitoring and controlling your system remotely—though it’s an additional purchase.

While professional installation is recommended, users have reported that the setup process is straightforward, albeit involving both plumbing and electrical work.

Bottom Line

The Rinnai RU199iN Tankless Hot Water Heater could be a game-changing addition to homes requiring a reliable and energy-efficient hot water supply.

If you prefer a low-maintenance, space-saving solution with the potential for long-term savings, it might be the perfect match for your needs.

Ready to revamp your home’s hot water system? Check out the Rinnai RU199iN here, and experience the benefits of going tankless.

Rinnai RU199iN Tankless Water Heater Overview

Endless Hot Water Supply

Imagine the comfort of having hot water whenever you desire, without the wait or fear of it running out. The RU199iN makes this conceivable. Its tankless design is not only space-efficient but also functional, providing continuous hot water flow.

Equipped with Circ-Logic technology, the system adapts to your routine, granting immediate hot water when paired with an additional external pump.

Energy and Space Saving

The RU199iN natural gas model is not only compact like a small suitcase and easy to install, it is ideal for indoor locations where space is limited.

It heats water on-demand, meaning energy isn’t wasted maintaining the temperature of stored water like traditional water heaters.

This energy efficiency is evidenced by its ENERGY STAR qualification with an Energy Factor of 0.96 / Uniform Energy Factor of 0.93 15,000 BTU (Minimum) / 199,000 BTU (Maximum), ensuring that you’re making a greener choice for your household.

High Water Flow Capacity

A standout feature for the RU199iN is its capability to deliver up to 11 gallons per minute. This formidable flow rate means your household can comfortably run multiple water outlets simultaneously.

Whether filling a bath, doing laundry, or washing dishes, the water pressure remains steady and robust, avoiding the annoyance of a sudden drop when an additional tap turns on.

Enhanced Control with Circ-Logic Technology

Circ-Logic technology is a game-changer, giving you the convenience of scheduling hot water availability to align with your daily life. When utilized with an optional external pump, the system’s recirculation patterns reduce the amount of time you spend waiting for hot water, saving both time and water resources.

Durability and Reliability

The RU199iN is crafted to be a lasting fixture in your home. Rinnai stands behind their product with a comprehensive warranty that includes 15 years for the heat exchanger, a central component of the heater.

A 5-year warranty on labor and a 1-year warranty on parts substantiate the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s reliability. And while traditional tank heaters may face sediment buildup over time, the Rinnai’s tankless system works to mitigate such issues, further ensuring its longevity.

Comparative Analysis: Rinnai RU199iN vs. Other Tankless Hot Water Heaters

When you’re in the market for a tankless hot water heater, it’s natural to weigh options. The Rinnai RU199iN is a contender that might catch your eye with its energy-saving qualities and high GPM rate. But how does it stack up against other market leaders?

Firstly, you’ll appreciate that many users reported the RU199iN as straightforward to install, although professional installation is suggested. Comparatively, some other tankless heaters were noted to be more cumbersome to set up.

In terms of energy efficiency, the RU199iN stands out. Other heaters may have similar efficiency, but Rinnai’s model is residential ENERGY STAR qualified, suggesting a nod to sustainability.

Hot water flow rate is vital, and the RU199iN’s 11 GPM is robust enough to serve most larger homes without a glitch. Some competing models offer less GPM, potentially causing a dip in pressure when multiple outlets are in use.

However, be aware that for the RU199iN, some users experienced a lag in achieving the desired temperature, something that is common among tankless units but can vary in duration from model to model.

Warranty coverage is a significant factor. The RU199iN doesn’t disappoint with its comprehensive warranties, which compete well with others, offering peace of mind for a substantial period post-purchase.

To sum up, while each tankless heater has its own set of strengths, the RU199iN often holds its own, particularly in family homes where demand is high and energy conservation is valued. Keep your unique needs in perspective to make the best choice for your home.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

When considering the Rinnai RU199iN, one of the key features highlighted by users is its ease of indoor installation, particularly noting that the process is straightforward. It allows for flexible installation with isolation valves ready for smart home routines.

However, it’s important to engage a professional for the task, as it could be a bit complex if you’re not familiar with such installations. Keep in mind that hiring a technician does add to the initial outlay, but it’s a wise investment to ensure your unit operates correctly from the start.

Maintenance is part and parcel of owning a tankless water heater. Regular upkeep is a breeze as long as you read through the user manual and adhere to its guidelines. Users have mentioned the importance of managing the condensation, with some even creating customized solutions for drainage.

The longevity of the RU199iN is often brought up, suggesting that following proper maintenance protocols pays off over time, especially when taking advantage of the energy tax credit and the impressive warranties that cover the heat exchanger, labor, and parts.

Energy efficiency is a hallmark of the Rinnai RU199iN. It heats water only when necessary, which means less energy waste and, consequently, cost savings on your utility bills.

Although you should anticipate some waiting time for hot water to reach points of use—especially if your home is spacious—the RU199iN has an external recirculation pump that can be scheduled to minimize this inconvenience.

Overall, balancing initial setup costs with long-term maintenance and efficiency, this tankless water heater has been met with satisfaction from those who have integrated it into their homes.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to your home’s hot water needs, finding the right heater can make all the difference. With the Rinnai RU199iN, you’re looking at a solution that promises convenience and efficiency. Let’s unpack what makes this water heater stand out, as well as a few considerations to bear in mind.


  • Endless Supply of Hot Water: You’ll love the continuous hot water flow. Whether you’re washing dishes, doing laundry, or taking a shower, the water won’t run cold.
  • Energy Saving: This heater only heats water when you need it, which could help lower your utility bills.
  • Space Efficient: Its compact, tankless design frees up space in your utility area, which is great for smaller homes. It’s product weight is 64 lb 29 kg and product depth is 11.45 in.
  • High Flow Rate: With the capability to pump out 11 GPM, this unit can handle the simultaneous demands of multiple appliances.
  • Durability: The long-term warranties suggest that this heater is built to last, providing you peace of mind.
  • Smart Integration: While not included, it is Wi-Fi capable which allows for monitoring with an additional module, adding convenience to control the system remotely.


  • Installation: It’s recommended to have a professional install the water heater, which could be an additional expense if you’re not able to do it yourself.
  • Initial Cost: The upfront cost might be higher than traditional tank heaters, although the energy savings can offset this over time.
  • Recirculation Setup: For instant hot water, you may need an external pump and scheduling, which could mean extra installation steps.
  • Maintenance: Depending on your area, the condensation may need special consideration for proper drainage.
  • Additional Purchases: To fully utilize the smart features, investing in the separate Controlr module is necessary.

In summary, the Rinnai RU199iN is quite the powerhouse, capable of supplying a high-volume and efficient hot water supply to your home.

While it does require professional installation and potentially some extra setup for recirculation and smart features, the trade-off is a system that is both space-saving and energy-efficient.

Keep these pros and cons in your decision-toolkit when considering this water heater for your household.

Customer Reviews

When you’re on the hunt for a reliable tankless water heater, you might want to consider the feedback on the Rinnai RU199iN.

Many users rave about the unit’s effective performance post correct installation, even expressing surprise at the impressive function of the heater. The consensus is that a proper setup is key to enjoying the endless hot water it provides.

Although the unit is easy to install, some find the electrical work and fittings a bit of a time investment. This is balanced by users mentioning the convenience of replacing bulky traditional heaters and smart integrations that might require the separate purchase of a module.

Cost is a significant factor for potential buyers, and reviewers have highlighted the economic edge of purchasing the Rinnai RU199iN over professional quotations. Plus, there’s a mention of tax credits, implying financial perks.

On the downside, a few users experienced issues with temperature settings and flow rate, with professional support needed for troubleshooting. When it works, however, the heater garners praise for its efficiency and speed in delivering hot water, as well as its slick appearance and quiet operation.

Assessments of durability are also positive, as users anticipate this heater to last significantly longer than its traditional counterparts. Though, be ready to deal with the condensation produced, which might require some ingenuity or additional fittings.

Overall, users suggest going for a higher capacity, like the 11 GPM, as it seems to meet the hot water demands seamlessly, even in larger homes or for more extensive systems.


In summing up our thoughts on the Rinnai RU199iN, it’s evident that it earns its place in homes with its impressive performance. Considering its capacity to deliver up to 11 GPM, you’re looking at a robust supply of hot water that doesn’t disappoint.

Users have expressed genuine satisfaction with the on-demand hot water, albeit noting a slight delay in delivery in larger homes due to distance from the unit.

It’s hard to ignore the hearty recommendations from users who’ve seen reduced costs and gained tax credits, making it more cost-effective overall – not to mention the environmental benefits of a tankless system. Installation may vary in complexity, but feedback suggests that with proper set-up, it performs exceptionally well. Just keep in mind potential additional costs if you’re not DIY-savvy.

Some mixed experiences were noted, particularly regarding installation and temperature settings, but these seem relatively isolated when viewed against the backdrop of positive responses. The water heater has even functioned well in off-grid setups, which speaks volumes about its versatility.

On balance, you’re getting a product that stands out for its efficiency and reliability, provided it’s properly installed. The RU199iN by Rinnai appears to be a worthy investment if you’re seeking endless hot water with the benefits of a modern, energy-efficient system.


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