Rinnai RL94IN… A Newer Model of R94LSi

Rinnai RL94IN

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A newer model of the R94LSi is the Rinnai RL94iN. This model from the Rinnai luxury series has received favorable online reviews by customers. There is also another model under this series that utilises propane as a fuel; Rinnai RL94iP.

Compared to R94LSi, the Rinnal RL94iN, a natural gas tankless water heater, has some new improvements covered here in my unbiased review.

Benefits of owning a Rinnai RL94iN

Production Capacity of 9.8 GPM

With a production capacity of 9.4 GPM, there is no fear of hot water running out for your household with the Rinnai RL94iN installed. In fact, this house tankless water heater can provide hot water to up to 5 plumbing and appliance outlets simultaneously. Therefore, you can enjoy continuous hot water with this high efficiency non-condensing natural gas tankless water heater from Rinnai.

Compact and sleek design

This Rinnai tankless water heater has a space-friendly compact and sleek design, unlike a tank water heater with a storage tank. It is only the size of a small suitcase which makes it very portable. However, the RL94iN can only be installed indoors only and is certified for installation in mobile homes. This compact, interior-mount unit vents directly to the outside with a concentric venting system.

Digitally controlled temperature setup

Adjusting and troubleshooting of this tankless water heater is controlled by an in-built control panel digitally (MC-91-2US) and ranges from 98 Degrees Fahrenheit to 140 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Similarly like the R94LSi, the RL94iN can be installed together with an additional temperature controller: MCC-91-2US. This heating technology increases the maximum temperature from 140 to 185 Degrees Fahrenheit. This option is available for commercial or hydronic purposes. 

Runs on natural gas or propane

As compared to oil and coal, natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel in terms of emission, with the least emissions in terms of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, with virtually no ash or particulate matter released. Propane is also a viable alternative fuel source, like natural gas, is lower in terms of harmful emissions.

Green Product

Rinnai RL94iN is an Energy-Star® certified product with its thermal efficiency of 84% and uniform energy factor of 0.82. Installing this tankless water heater also qualifies you for 300 USD under the Federal Tax Credit. It also meets California and Texas NOx emissions standards. Hence, you can save on energy costs over the long run.

The Rinnai RL94iN, like all Rinnai products, has a longer life span of more than 20 years compared to traditional tank water heaters. The primary components that make up all Rinnai tankless water heaters like the digital panel and heat exchanger are also all recyclable.

Additional Functions

The Rinnai RL94iN possess some in-built functions like: 

  • Enhanced scale detection function that controls and lessens the formation of mineral scale deposits (limescale), especially for areas with “hard” water. This is critical as limescale build-up will lead to a drop in water temperature causing more energy required to maintain your desired temperature. Hence, this function will increase the life span and efficiency of your unit.
  • Circ-LogicTM recirculation program allows the control of the on/off sequence and operational cycles of the recirculation pump using key variables like the length of recirculation loop, piping insulation, and the homeowner’s comfort and efficiency preferences.
  • Temperature lock function prevents the accidental or unauthorised changes to the water temperature that also prevent tampering by kids.

Summary of Specifications for Rinnai RL94iN

Dimensions Height = 23 in.
Width = 14 in.
Depth = 9.3 in.
Weight = 46 pounds
Hot Water Capacity 0.26 to 9.8 GPM
Installation ModeIndoors
Minimum Activation Rate0.4 GPM
Minimum/Maximum Gas Rate (Input BTU/h)10,300 – 199,000
Minimum/ Maximum Water Pressure 20 – 150 PSI (Recommended water pressure 30-80 PSI)
Ignition Direct Electronic
Temperature Settings98°F – 140°F (factory default)
98° F – 185° F with MCC-91-2US
Type of ControllerMC-91-2US (included)
MCC-91-2US (optional for Commercial or Hydronic Applications)
MC-100V-1US Deluxe Controller (optional)
BC-100V-1US Bathroom Controller (optional)
ElectricalAC 120 Volts, 60 Hz
Electrical Consumption Normal: 97 Watts
Standby: 2 Watts
Anti-Frost Protection: 120 Watts
Service Connections Gas Supply: 3/4 Inch MNPT
Cold Water Inlet: 3/4 Inch MNPT
Hot Water Outlet: 3/4 Inch MNPT
VentingDirect Venting
Approved Gas TypesNatural Gas or Propane
Energy Star Certified Yes
Energy Factor 0.82 for Natural gas or Propane

How does the Rinnai RL94iN rank on popular websites?

Alpine Home Air

2 customers at Alpine Home Air gave it an average rating of 5.0/5.0. Out of 2 customers, all gave it the maximum rating of 5.0/5.0. 


971 customers at Amazon gave it an average rating of 4.4/5.0. Out of 488 customers, 306 gave it the maximum rating of 5.0/5.0.


1204 customers at Lowe’s gave it an average rating of 4.4/5.0. Out of 1204 customers, 667 customers gave it the maximum rating of 5.0/5.0.

Home Depot

633 customers at Home Depot gave it an average rating of 4.4/5.0. Out of 633 customers, 377 customers gave it the maximum rating of 5.0/5.0. 


5 customers at Supplyhouse gave it an average rating of 4.2/5.0. Out of 5 customers, 4 customers gave it the maximum rating of 5.0/5.0.

Total Home Supply

1 customer at Total Home Supply gave it the maximum rating of 5.0/5.0.

Customer Reviews on Rinnai RL94iN

I have read reviews for Rinnai RL94iN from verified purchasers and summarised them into their pros and cons. 

The Pros

Quality workmanship, quiet mode of operation, significant space savings design and the capability to handle multiple concurrent modes of usage are mentioned advantages. One unit of RL94iN, as mentioned by a customer, is able to support two showers and laundry without running out of hot water.   

Consistent hot water production, with minimal fluctuations in temperature, is also frequently mentioned by customers.

Another asset was the savings in utility bills that were enjoyed by customers making it a green product worth considering. 

The Cons

Licensed professionals aka Rinnai ACE (Advanced Comfort Expert) is recommended for hire to carry out installation and servicing. Click here to access the link for the list of professionals. Nevertheless, there were also cases of self-installation where it is mentioned that insufficient documentation is provided in the manual.

Besides the consistent hot water production, similarly there were cases of fluctuation in temperatures though it is due to more of the seasonal changes in water temperature and not the capability of the unit.

Another con mentioned by customers would be the inability of the unit to function at places with low inherent water pressure due to its optimum range of 30 to 80 PSI.

The customer service was a commonly mentioned drawback; Multiple reviews have stated that Rinnai did not honor their coverage criteria in their warranty, with poor support from their dealership.   

Product information and manual


Rinnai products provide peace of mind with its warranties. The heat exchanger warranty lasts for 12 years for residential usage only, 10 years for residential and space heating, and 5 years for commercial settings. There is a 5 year warranty for the other parts and 1 year labour warranty coverage.

Download the document below:

Warranty (PDF)

Note: In order for this warranty to apply, it is required that a licensed professional who has attended a Rinnai installation training class did the installation of this water heater.

Click here to access the link provided by Rinnai to find the licensed professional or ACE (Advanced Comfort Expert) in your region.


Specification Sheet (PDF)
Operation and Installation Manual (PDF)

Best Deals for Rinnai RL94iN

As I was doing my research on this Rinnai tankless water heater, I found out that among the reputable websites that offer this product, Amazon was the only site that consistently offers the lowest prices for RL94iN.

Therefore if you are interested, here is the link: Rinnai RL94iN Best Deals

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering the Rinnai RL94IN for your home’s hot water needs, you probably have some questions about its performance and requirements. Let’s explore these questions to help you understand if this water heater is the right fit for you.

What is the typical lifespan of the RL94IN tankless hot water heater?

The RL94IN is known for its durability and is designed to have a long lifespan. Users can typically expect many years of reliable service, with some units even reaching over a decade of use with proper maintenance. Keep in mind that the lifespan can vary based on water quality, usage patterns, and adherence to the recommended maintenance schedule.

What are the installation requirements for the RL94IN model?

Proper installation is key to the RL94IN’s performance. Here are some points to consider for its installation:
– Professional Installation: It’s strongly recommended to have a certified technician install your tankless water heater to ensure it’s done correctly.
Venting: Since it’s an indoor unit, it needs a proper venting system to expel exhaust gases.
– Space: Although compact, ensure you have the recommended space for installation as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
– Utilities: You will need to have access to natural gas and a compatible electrical outlet.

Are there any common maintenance issues with the RL94IN tankless water heater?

Tankless water heaters usually require less maintenance than traditional units, but it’s important to be aware of what might be needed:

Scheduled Maintenance: Regularly scheduled professional maintenance can help prevent most issues.
– Water Hardness: In areas with hard water, the unit may need more frequent servicing due to mineral buildup.
– Filter Cleaning: The in-line screen filter should be checked and cleaned regularly to avoid blockages.

Keep an eye out for any error messages or changes in water temperature, which can indicate when maintenance is needed.

Can the RL94IN support multiple simultaneous hot water demands?

This unit boasts a high flow rate to handle simultaneous demands:

– With a maximum flow rate of up to 9.8 gallons per minute, you can typically run multiple fixtures—such as showers and faucets—at the same time.
– Performance may vary depending on groundwater temperature and the number of fixtures used.
– It’s designed to provide a consistent temperature even with multiple hot water demands, offering comfort and convenience.

Remember, efficiency and capacity can also be influenced by the specific hot water needs of your home, so consider your typical usage when assessing this heater’s capabilities.


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