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A good high-end indoor tankless water heater, worth considering from Rinnai is the R94LSi. It is considered as a higher capacity model than the Rinnai R75LSi. It is also available in two makes; one that runs on natural gas or propane.

Heated water accounts for around 18% of your utility bills therefore it is important that an energy-saving model is installed in your household. 

With this in mind, here is my unbiased review on the Rinnai R94LSi

Benefits Of Owning A Rinnai R94LSi

Production capacity of 9.4 GPM

It has a production capacity of 9.4 gallons per minute (GPM) of hot water. According to  consumers, a single unit of R94LSi is able to service up to 3.5 bathrooms, laundry and kitchen concurrently with no fear of hot water running out.

Compact and sleek design

The Rinnai R94LSi can be installed easily indoors only in any room for your home or office buildings. It can also be installed in mobile homes.

This Rinnai tankless water heater also allows you to save on space: without the presence of a storage tank, and energy since there is no need for the continuous heating of water, in a traditional tank water heater setup.

Digitally controlled temperature design

Adjusting and troubleshooting of this Rinnai tankless water heater is also controlled digitally via the standard MC-91-1US controller and ranges from 98 Degrees Fahrenheit to 120 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Like all LS models of Rinnai tankless water heater, it comes with a commercial heat exchanger that allows for installation indoors for residential, commercial and even for mobile homes. The controller can also be upgraded to MCC-91 for commercial purposes that will increase the maximum temperature to 185 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Runs on Natural Gas or Propane

As compared to oil and coal, natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, with the least emissions in terms of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides and virtually no ash or particulate matter. Propane has also been slated together with natural gas to be a potential alternative and cleaner energy source.

Besides that, lower levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other reactive hydrocarbons are also released as compared to oil and coal. The maximum / minimum natural gas rate required for the Rinnai R94LSi is 199,000 / 15,000 Input BTU/h while for propane is 190,000 / 10,300 Input BTU/h.

Green Product

Rinnai R94LSi is an Energy-Star certified product with a thermal efficiency of 84% and energy factor of 0.82. Installing this tankless water heater also qualifies you for 300 USD under the non-property energy property tax credits. It also meets California and Texas NOx emissions standards. 

The Rinnai R94LSi, like all Rinnai products, also last much longer than those traditional tank water heaters by more than 20 years. The primary components that make up all Rinnai tankless water heaters like the digital panel and heat exchanger are also all recyclable.

Summary of Specifcations for Rinnai R94LSi

Dimensions Height = 22.9 in.
Width = 14 in.
Depth = 9.6 in.
Weight = 53 pounds
Hot Water Capacity 0.26 to 9.4 GPM
Installation ModeIndoors
Minimum Activation Rate 0.4 GPM
Minimum/Maximum Gas Rate (Input BTU/h)9,900 – 199,000 (Natural Gas)
10,300 – 190,000 (Propane)
Ignition Direct Electronic
Temperature Settings98°F - 120°F (factory default)
98° F - 185° F with MCC-91-2US
Type of Controller MC-91-2US (included)
MCC-91-2US (optional for Commercial or Hydronic Applications)
MC-100V-1US Deluxe Controller (optional)
BC-100V-1US Bathroom Controller (optional)
ElectricalAC 120 Volts, 60 Hz
Electrical Consumption Normal: 83 Watts
Standby: 2 Watts
Anti-Frost Protection: 184 Watts
Service Connections Gas Supply: 3/4 Inch MNPT
Cold Water Inlet: 3/4 Inch MNPT
Hot Water Outlet: 3/4 Inch MNPT
Venting Direct Venting
Energy Star Certified Yes
Energy Factor 0.82 for Natural gas or Propane
Approved Gas TypesNatural Gas or Propane

How does Rinnai R94LSi rank on popular websites?


43 customers at Amazon gave Rinnai R94LSi an average rating of 4.3/5 stars. Out of 43 customers, 23 customers gave it a maximum rating of 5/5 stars.  


A survey carried out in 2007 by BuilderOnline.org showed that Rinnai tankless heater was ranked first in terms of quality ahead of popular brands like Rheem and A.O Smith.

Builder 2008 Brand Use Study(Download results of the survey here)

Customer Reviews for Rinnai R94LSi

I have read reviews for Rinnai R94LSi from verified purchasers and summarised them below.

Installation and Assembly

Its space-saving design, generally quiet mode of operation, and savings on utility bills were commonly mentioned advantages. 

Related negative feedback pertaining to installation include additional costs incurred on having to purchase parts that were not provided or not suitable gas supply line. One mentioned part include the Rinnai 223177PP 21-Inch Condensing Horizontal Termination Kit that is a specific double-walled pipe for connecting to the unit.

Other feedback include brief spurts of cold water, the waste of water caused by the delay between turning on the faucet and getting hot water. Some of these issues could have been prevented if a Rinnai licensed professional was engaged to carry out the installation. Click here to access the link provided by Rinnai to find the Rinnai ACE (Advanced Comfort Expert) in your region.

The “waste of water” between turning on the faucet and getting hot water is unpreventable since all tankless water heater only start to heat water when the faucet is turned on. For people who are skeptical but still want to have a water heater, feel free to go through my green tank water heaters reviews.     


Its high capacity has also been proven with comments the R94LSi can produce enough hot water to provide for running a tub or a few family members having a hot shower concurrently.

The cost of this unit was a mentioned con for some customers hence it is important that you select a suitable unit for your household. The inherent water temperature of the region has also to be considered as some customers has mentioned that the temperature of their heated water is still too cold. Rinnai has actually provided an online service via a series of questions to help you choose a suitable model for your region.  

Customer Service

There was no feedback pertaining to the quality of customer service for this unit. 


There is a limited warranty that comes with the Rinnai R94LSi. The heat exchanger is covered for 12 years for residential usage only, 10 years for residential and space heating, and 5 years for commercial settings. There is a 5 year warranty for the other parts and 1 year labour warranty coverage.

Note: In order for this warranty to apply, it is required that a licensed professional who has attended a Rinnai installation training class did the installation of this water heater. Click here to access the link provided by Rinnai to find the licensed professional or ACE (Advanced Comfort Expert) in your region.

Warranty document for Rinnai High Efficiency Plus Tankless Water Heater (Download the Warranty document here)


Best Deals for Rinnai R94LSi

During my research, I discovered that the best place to buy a Rinnai R94LSi is at Amazon or her affiliate sites. At lower prices compared to other places, getting it at Amazon is certainly a good and viable option.

So if you are interested, here is the link under Amazon: R94LSi Best Deals

Rinnai R94LSi Specifications Sheet (Download Rinnai R94LSi Specifications Sheet here)

Operation and Installation Manual for Rinnai R94LSi(Download the Operation and Installation Manual for Rinnai R94LSi here)


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