Is the Rinnai i120CN Condensing Gas Boiler worth your Money? Comprehensive Review!

Rinnai i120CN Condensing Gas Boiler

Navigating the world of home heating solutions can be as complex as the systems themselves. If you’re considering the benefits of a condensing gas boiler for your home, the Rinnai i120CN is one that might just land on your radar.

With its compact wall mounted design and smart features, it sets out to offer a balance between efficient operation and user friendliness, potentially changing the way you heat your home and water.

The Rinnai i120CN boasts a seamless integration of smart technology, allowing for precise temperature control in different zones of your home.

Especially noteworthy is the digital display and the boiler’s ability to connect with thermostats and control pumps, simplifying the home heating process.

However, every product has its quirks, and with an average rating, this Rinnai gas boiler has had users who faced challenges, particularly regarding installation which the company highly recommends is done professionally.

Yet, with its advanced features, such as the built-in domestic hot water plate heat exchanger and safety child-lock, this Rinnai condensing gas boiler speaks to a level of thoughtfulness in design.

It’s touted to be a good fit for those looking to heat their entire homes efficiently, making it a point of consideration for energy-conscious homeowners.

Bottom Line

The Rinnai i120CN Gas Boiler could be a solid addition to your home, offering a contemporary approach to home heating and endless hot water needs.

With smart features that simplify operation and a design that saves space, it potentially provides convenience and efficiency in equal measure.

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Key Features of the Rinnai i120CN Gas Boiler

With its innovative heating solutions, the i120CN brings the warmth and comfort of whole home heating together with the convenience of a high-efficiency water heater.

The unit showcases a stainless-steel heat exchanger and a modulating wire mesh burner which provide reliable whole home warmth. It also features a integrated modulating pump which supports your home heating performance.

At the heart of the i120CN lies a domestic hot water plate heat exchanger, ensuring that your showers and faucets receive consistently hot water.

The i120CN boasts smart features, such as multizone control capability. This allows the boiler to work seamlessly with thermostats and integrate control pumps, making managing your home’s comfort a breeze.

Additionally, the safety child-lock feature is perfect for families, preventing unwanted changes and ensuring your settings remain as you intended.

Ease of use is also key with the i120CN, as evidenced by its user-friendly digital display. It gives you quick access to temperature and pressure readings, and the outdoor reset sensor streamlines temperature control.

Adjustments can be made within a wide range to meet your specific comfort needs.

While the i120CN’s design and state-of-the-art features aim to provide a seamless experience, Rinnai recommends professional installation to ensure optimal safety and performance.

Rest easy knowing the i120CN is backed by a comprehensive warranty, adding peace of mind to its long list of benefits.

The energy efficiency aspect of the i120CN cannot be overlooked. It is energy star qualified, making it not only a green choice for your home, but it’s also a smart one for your wallet.

The compact design allows for a tidy installation, emphasizing a space-saving approach without compromising on power or efficiency.

In summary, the i120CN strikes a balance between functionality, convenience, and safety. It’s a well-rounded solution for those seeking efficient, reliable home heating and hot water supply.

Performance and Efficiency

When considering your home’s heating, you’ll want to weigh the effectiveness of the i120CN boiler. The i120CN provides an input rating of 120,000 Btu.

The Rinnai condensing gas boiler, fueled by either natural gas or propane, has achieved one of the highest AFUEs (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) in the industry. Plus, the compact wall-mounted design saves space over traditional boilers.

It can deliver whole house heating and simultaneous domestic hot water.

You’ll find the smart features beneficial, as they allow for precise control over different heating zones and integrate with existing thermostats.

Safety is also addressed, thanks to a child-lock feature that helps prevent accidental adjustments to the heating settings.

While the ease of interfacing through its digital display gives you the freedom to adjust temperatures to your comfort—ranging for central heating (CH) from 104°F to 180°F and domestic hot water (DHW) from 98°F to 140°F—professional installation is highly recommended to ensure optimum efficiency and to uphold the warranty.

The boiler’s energy efficiency is one of its standout attributes, although the user reviews suggest that the installation process might be complex, potentially affecting overall performance if not done correctly.

Keep in mind that the longevity of its components is backed by the assurance of a multi-year warranty, indicating Rinnai’s commitment to durability and customer satisfaction.

Installation and Maintenance

When you get your Rinnai i120CN installed, consider if you’re ready for a bit of a project. Professional installation is highly recommended for this natural gas boiler to ensure safety and proper setup.

Once installed by a certified technician, you’ll be set with a system crafted to keep your home comfortable.

The after-sales support from Rinnai adds peace of mind, with a warranty that includes 12 years on the heat exchanger component, 2 years for parts, and 1 year of labor coverage.

This information is readily accessible if you need it, and customer service can guide you through any concerns.

For upkeep, regular maintenance is key to the i120CN’s longevity and performance. It’s low-maintenance compared to some peers but scheduling annual check-ups will help maintain its efficiency.

Keep vents clear and monitor the system for any unexpected signs; the user-friendly design makes quick checks a breeze.

Remember, a well-maintained boiler is less likely to surprise you with issues down the road, and the i120CN is designed to be a reliable home heating solution.


When considering the Rinnai i120CN for your home’s heating needs, it’s clear that the brand has put thought into both efficiency and user-friendliness.

The unit is smartly designed to provide heat for your entire house while doubling as a tankless water heater. Imagine having consistent and comfortable temperatures in your home and enjoying hot showers without the need for a separate tank.

One of the standout features is its stainless-steel heat exchanger paired with a modulating wire mesh burner. These specs promise durability and adaptive heating capabilities, taking the guesswork out of maintaining a cozy environment.

The built-in domestic hot water plate heat exchanger is a space-conscious addition that supports your faucets and showers directly.

Users will appreciate the intuitive digital display, providing clear readings of temperature and pressure. Configuring your preferred settings for central heating (CH) and domestic hot water (DHW) is quite straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Adjusting the CH temperature range between 104°F to 180°F, and DHW from 98°F to 140°F, can be done with a few button presses.

Moreover, the unit’s child-lock safety feature adds a layer of protection for families, automatically switching off the central heating to prevent accidents.

The multi-zone control capability allows for seamless integration with your existing thermostat and control pumps, which is especially handy if you’re keen on zoning your heating system.

In terms of reliability, Rinnai offers a comprehensive warranty with 12 years on the heat exchanger for residential use, and additional cover for parts and labor, which speaks to the company’s confidence in their product’s longevity.

While professional installation is recommended, finding a qualified technician is made easier with Rinnai’s own resource page. Overall, this boiler is an impressive blend of smart features and practical design, making it a worthy consideration for your home heating system.


While the Rinnai i120CN boasts smart features and a space-saving design, it’s important to consider a few drawbacks. Some users have reported challenges with the installation process, which could be a downside if you’re thinking of a DIY setup—professional help might be needed to avoid such issues.

In terms of performance, there have been isolated instances of electrical problems, which are noteworthy when considering reliability.

Although the compactness is generally a positive trait, it might also mean that this unit isn’t the best fit for homes with very high hot water demands.

And with the smart technology onboard, you should be prepared to possibly navigate through a learning curve to take full advantage of the system’s features.

Finally, the current user rating of 3.8 suggests that while many are satisfied, some are not, indicating there might be a bit of a gamble with overall satisfaction. It’s prudent to weigh these factors carefully when considering the i120CN for your home.

Comparison with Other Gas Boilers

When considering a gas boiler like the Rinnai i120CN, you’ll find its space-saving design quite appealing. It’s not just about heating your home; it’s about doing so efficiently.

While Rinnai’s reputation for smart features stands out—like the safety child-lock and its ability to connect directly to multiple thermostats—the 3.8-star rating suggests room for improvement.

Let’s look at competitors. For instance, the Bosch Greenstar series is often heralded for its ultra-quiet operation and environmental friendliness, with higher average reviews.

Bosch boilers also come with similar modulating heating capabilities. However, they might be less user-friendly with more complex interfaces.

How about the Navien NCB series? Navien leads with innovations in condensing technology, and their units are recognized for providing substantial hot water output for homes.

Yet, you might find that Navien’s models are typically pricier than the Rinnai I Series combi models, which could sway your budget-conscious side.

In essence, if smart, integrated controls and a child safety feature are high on your list, the Rinnai i120CN holds its ground.

But do weigh in factors like brand reliability, unit quietness, and initial cost, as these might be differentiators that tip the scales for you.

Customer Reviews

It seems like you’re leaning towards the Rinnai i120CN for your home’s heating needs, so let’s take a peek at what current users are saying.

With an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars from a small pool of reviewers, it’s a mix of admiration and areas for improvement.

One handy DIY’er shared their experience with the installation process—it wasn’t their first rodeo with the brand. However, they did hit a snag with an electrical issue, which highlights that even seasoned installers can face challenges.

Bear in mind that, unless you’re quite handy, professional installation is the safer bet to ensure everything is up to snuff.

On the other hand, another user was thrilled even before the unit was installed, impressed by the boiler’s arrival in pristine condition with all the necessary accessories.

Compliments were given to the boiler’s design, touting its compact size yet surprising array of smart features. Now, don’t those little things make you excited too? However, without follow-up feedback post-installation, you might wonder about the unit’s long-term performance.

In closing, while there’s definitely an appeal to the i120CN for its smart, space-saving design, the few but varied user experiences suggest keeping an eye out for potential installation snags.

Not to worry though, a wee bit of due diligence could help you get a clearer picture before making your decision.


In weighing the pros and cons of the Rinnai i120CN Gas Boiler, your decision hinges on a balance of efficiency and smart design against potential hiccups in installation.

The unit’s compact size and advanced features have been commended, pointing to a thoughtful marriage of space-saving and functionality that could be a major boon for your home heating and water needs.

With a fair rating of 3.8 stars, it seems to strike a chord with practical homeowners.

While it’s possible that you might encounter some setup challenges as noted in one review, remember to account for personal skill and experience levels with such installations.

It manifests the idea that while capable of a smooth setup, issues can arise which may require additional support. Your satisfaction could very well mirror the recognition of the boiler’s comprehensive features and aesthetics.

As you consider this investment, take into account these shared experiences and its suitability for your home’s requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common issues faced by owners of the Rinnai combi boiler?

Owners occasionally report electrical issues, which may manifest as difficulty in properly powering the unit or issues with the boiler’s control panel. Some users have encountered challenges with installation if attempted without professional help.

Additionally, there have been isolated mentions of users facing challenges with adjusting the settings, which can be mitigated by thoroughly reading the user manual or consulting a professional installer.

How does the Rinnai i120CN compare with similar models from other brands like Navien?

Compared to similar models from brands like Navien, the Rinnai i120CN is appreciated for its compact design which is a boon for space-saving.

While both brands offer smart features and energy efficiency, the Rinnai model has a user-friendly interface and multizone control capability, which sets it apart.

Consumers should also consider brand reputation, warranty, and customer service when making comparisons, as these can significantly impact user experience.

What should I consider before purchasing a Rinnai i120CN gas boiler?

Before purchasing, it’s important to consider your household’s heating and hot water demands to ensure the unit’s output matches your needs. Professional installation is strongly recommended to avoid any issues and maintain the warranty.

You should also evaluate the location for installing the unit to ensure it complies with ventilation requirements. Finally, make sure you have a plan for regular maintenance to keep the boiler running efficiently for years to come.


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