Oxygenics 60120 SkinCare Showerhead Review

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Another good water saving showerhead worth considering is the Oxygenics 60120 skincare showerhead by Energy Technology Laboratories (ETL).

This economical showerhead model is designed to allow savings of up to 70 percent in terms of water and energy consumption as compared to traditional shower fixtures.

Therefore in line with my purpose, I have provided an unbiased review of this water saving showerhead below.

Benefits of owning a Oxygenics 60120 showerhead

Well-Designed Aesthetics

The Oxygenics 60120 is a combination of the classic Oxygenics pressure boosting technology with modern chrome styling and durable materials to give a durable, eco-friendly, and pressurised shower that fits in perfectly in any bathroom decor.

The internal mechanisms of this showerhead are made of Delrin® that enhances the durability of the showerhead and getting rid of clogging, mineral build-up and corrosion at the same time. This means that no cleaning or maintenance is required for this showerhead after installation.

Patented Oxygenics Technology

The in-built classic Oxygenics pressure boosting technology in this Oxygenics showerhead allows the increase in the velocity of the water flow plus the continual introduction of air as it flows through the showerhead.

A combination of these mechanisms creates a powerful oxygenated spray that can be switched from a soft relaxing to a deep therapeutic shower.

Green Product

The Oxygenics skincare showerhead is CSA approved that allows you to use 20 percent – 70 percent lesser water per shower.

Additional Features

The continual introduction of air into the water by the Oxygenics patented technology can increase its oxygen content by up to 10 times. Besides for breathing, oxygen is also able to revitalise and rejuvenate skin cells.

In fact, the Oxygenics 60120 has been mentioned by health and beauty experts for its ability to enhance your health by revitalising the skin and also rejuvenate the skin cells.

DimensionsHeight = 24.6 in.
Width = 16.1 in.
Depth = 11.3 in.
Weight = 38 pounds
Capacity 24 litres/ 50 pints
Fan Speed2
Power TypeElectric
Installation TypeFree Standing
Voltage Rating115V, 60Hz
Safety Certifcation UL (SA11089)/ SA (245337)
Energy Star Certified Yes
Energy Factor 1.6 litres per kWH

How does the Oxygenics 60120 showerhead rank on popular websites?



266 customers at Amazon gave the Oxygenics 60120 an average rating of 4.4/5.0. Out of 266 customers, 180 gave it a rating of 5.0/5.0.

Home Depot

6 customers at Home Depot gave the Oxygenics 60210 an average rating of 3.8/5.0. Out of 6 customers, 3 gave it a rating of 5.0/5.0.


31 customers at Smarthome gave the Oxygenics 60120 an average rating of 4.7/5.0. Out of 31 customers, 22 gave it a rating of 5.0/5.0. However it is currently out of stock.

Customer Reviews on Oxygenics 60120 showerhead

I have read through recent customer reviews and summarised the pros and cons of this product below.

The pros 🙂

Ability to produce a powerful stream of water; the Oxygenics 60120 has been mentioned by customers to even work in areas with low water pressure and using lesser water,  

Different modes of flow; the ability of the Oxygenics showerhead to be able to switch from a flow that has been described as a gentle springtime rain to a one like a torrential white water rapid has been mentioned as a pro by customers,

Ease of installation; installation is basically just a simple matter of unscrew and screw-on action,

Lower risk of mineral build-up; the increased ejection velocity and the larger spray
apertures in this showerhead reduces the chances of mineral build-up which is a pro mentioned by customers.

A good way to remove this mineral build-up, as mentioned by a customer will be to give it a good soak in a bit of vinegar, followed by a thorough clean water rinsing,

Minimal maintenance; the minimal to zero maintenance required for this Oxygenics showerhead is also a pro that has been mentioned by customers.  

The cons  🙁

Noise generated by flowing water; the possibly loud sound emitted by the showerhead probably due to the pressurised flow that comes out from the flow apertures every shower was also a con,

Higher heating temperature; customers have mentioned that a higher temperature is required to get similar warmth on their water due to the usage of air to boost up the water pressure,

Effects of oxygen; the cosmetic benefit of this showerhead  has also been mentioned by customers to be suspect. However the water saving capability of this Oxygenics showerhead is functional and able to fulfil its capability. 


This Oxygenics skincare showerhead comes with a limited lifetime warranty against clogging or fail, and to operate properly. In the event of clogging or failure, ETL will, at its election, repair, replace or make appropriate adjustment where ETL inspection discloses any defects occurring in normal usage. Defects or damage caused by use of other than genuine ETL parts are not covered by this warranty.

Best Deals for Oxygenics 60120 showerhead

As I was doing my research, I found out that shopping online for the Oxygenics 60120 showerhead is very convenient with many sites offering it. However among the sites, I discovered that Amazon consistently offers the lower prices for this showerhead.

So it will be logical to get it from Amazon. In fact here is the link by Amazon: Oxygenics 60120 SkinCare Showerhead Best Deals


User Manual for Whirlpool AP51030K(Download the installation manual for Oxygenics 60120 here)

 User Manual for Whirlpool AP51030K(Download the warranty document for Oxygenics 60120 here)



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