Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual Review

Published in Uncategorized on 5th September 2011

Besides green energy products, the practise of green living also includes the consumption of organic vegetables. One good method is to grow organic vegetables of your own. I was introduced recently to this product by a friend, who knew I was interested in green living.

The “Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual” by Julie Villaci teaches readers to grow organic vegetables in a structured step-by-step manner. So in view of my readers’ interest, I have decided to review this green product.

How Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual works?

It is an e-manual that teaches you how to grow organic vegetables in a step-by-step manner from the very basics like selecting a suitable site, effective ways of watering, to selecting and growing organic vegetables that are the easiest to maintain and grow.

The book also covers the making of your own organic fertilisers via composting or mulching. Organic methods of pest and weed control like mulching, using diatomaceous earth are also covered in this e-manual in growing organic vegetables. This is especially important since organic fertilisers and controls will not cause any environmental pollution unlike chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Common questions like “How to grow organic vegetables when you have space constraint?” How much to grow for your family? The answers can also be found in this e-manual. This e-manual also demonstrates to garden owners how easy to convert their gardening methods to that of organic gardeners!

And not forgetting these..

When you purchase Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual you are entitled to these free bonuses that include:

 Cover Diary


 My Garden Diary

This diary allows you to document your personal gardening results that include planning and placing of your garden beds, planting and harvesting dates… and many more!

While growing organic vegetables, you can also note down funny happenings and impressive harvests all in this dairy… giving you an alternative family heirloom!


BONUS 2#Seed Sowing Tips & Techniques

Seed Saving Tips & Techniques

Learn how to collect and save the seeds from your crops to be sown and grown the next season. You will be taught the correct method to harvest your seeds, the required germination conditions, and the best ways to store your seeds.     

This also helps to reduce costs in your quest in growing organic vegetables.


Bonus CouponBONUS 3#

Bonus Coupon

This bonus coupon entitles you to email Julie Villani herself for ways in how to grow oragnic vegetables,  or any queries about your new organic garden or gardening practices.

This also means you that will get answers from the creator herself for
every question you ask!


4 Year Plot RotationBONUS 4#

4 Year Plot Rotation Plan

This rotation plan gives you a four year rotation for the most common vegetable families. It teaches you the priniples of crop rotation to ensure higher yields and also to reduce the risk of soil borne diseases.
All these free bonuses are  worth a total of USD 64.80 and will be given to you upon purchase of Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual ! These bonuses will enchance your effort in the growing organic vegetables. There is also a 60 days grace period that allows you to use this product for free, and it will not be considered as a purchase until the end of 60 days.

In any event during this period, if you deem this product not to your liking you can return it.

Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual Review Conclusion

I do recommend this e-manual as a product for purchase and possess especially if you want to know how to grow organic vegetables. This e-manual provides an all-round effort in growing organic vegetables to the reader. Not only that, you can download it immediately onto your computer upon confirmation of your purchase with no shipping costs incurred!

There have also been good reviews from professionals like John Walters ( about this e-manual. Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual has been rated as a readable and informative e-manual to possess if you want to start growing organic vegetables.

The 60 days money–back guarantee attached to this product also allows you the time to review whether this e-manual is useful to you without any hassle and dismiss the “once you purchase, you are stuck with it” mentality that one might possess.

So if you are interested, here is the link to the official page: Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual 


(Updated 24th February 2012)