Magnets 4 Energy Review

Published in Uncategorized on 9th January 2011

Magnets 4 EnergyLike solar and wind energy, magnetic energy can also be used to generate electricity. It is also not
affected by the weather conditions and the location of your home unlike solar and wind energy. This means that you will be getting a consistent supply of electricity that is green and also free!

Magnets 4 Energy is a e-book that allows you to tap into this green energy source without any hassle and is a totally legit product with up to 97% consumer satisfaction. The projects recommended are also flexible and realistic to suit home-owners with different needs.

So in keeping in my interest in green products, I have provided a review about Magnets 4 Energy.

How Magnets 4 Energy works?

It is a step-by-step e-book developed by Mr Chris Bolton, a qualified electrical engineer that teaches you build a magnetic energy generator to generate your own electricity. Within this e-book, there are many projects that come in different set-ups, like the grid-intertied system to cater to your needs.

For novices, there is also an entire chapter that is dedicated to explaining the key components of the magnetic energy generator like the DC disconnect, power inverter that is probably similar to the components of a solar energy generator. So fret not if you are a complete novice! Next, you get to learn the core components of the system which are the bar magnets, rotor for your generator and batteiries. Wiring setups and diagrams are also provided to help you wire up your magnetic energy generator to your power supply without any hassle.

To help you get a better picture..

Here’s a sneak preview at how Magnets 4 Energy can help you !


Bonuses when you Purchase Magnets 4 Energy

Upon purchase of this e-book, you are also entitled to 6 free bonuses ! These bonuses will enhance your efforts by givng you more options to generate your own free and green electricity! Other bonuses include tips for you to live a green lifestyle and many more green tips! Bonuses include….

Tesla’s Secret

You will be taught to create a Tesla Free Energy device to generate energy from the sky. The simple e-Book will teach you step-by-step to build your very own Tesla Free Energy device that was invented over a century by Nicolas Tesla – the inventor of electricity.




Phone 4 Energy

Harness the electricity from your phone line for usage in your home. This is the electricity that you have been paying but not using till today.




The Renewable Energy Handbook

A step-by-step DIY kit that teach you to build your own solar panels and wind-turbines to generate your own electricity.

Living Green

Teaches you the simple steps in reducing your carbon footprint in your daily life.

Gas Saving Devices

Discover for yourself the truth behind so-called “Gas Saving Devices” like oil and gas addictives. These addictives include alcohols
like methanol and ethanol and ethers like DIPE.

Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Learn about fuel-efficient vehicles and examples of such vehicles. The e-book also covers bio-diesel and its increasing popularity as a fuel substitute.

So together with these bonuses, this product is actually a worthwhile investment that will help you to generate your green and free electricity.

Magnets 4 Energy Conclusion

Despite the recent Magniworks saga, that might have eroded consumers’ trust in magnetic energy, I do recommend Magnets 4 Energy. 97% consumers’ satisfaction and no public outcry over the products for Magnets 4 Energy mean that it is a legit product. Free online technical support is also available should you experience any problems with this product.

Its set-up also means that it is not affected by the presence of natural elements unlike solar and wind energy meaning that it can be utilised in most households. And if you get it now, you can also get everything at a 50 % discounted price of 47 USD instead of 97.99 USD!

The 60-day money back guarantee also allows you to give this product a try and if it doesn’t work for you, there will be a full-refund of your money! No questions asked!

So if you are looking for the official site for Magnets 4 Energy here is the link: Magnets 4 Energy

I hope this Magnets 4 Energy review has been helpful for you!