Lux TX9000TS Review-7 Day Programmable Thermostat

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Research has shown that heating for household contributes to a substantial component of the utilities.

So it is important that you take note of your heating usage in your household as well.

Knowing that I provide reviews of green products for my readers, a friend has recommended me the Lux TX900TS programmable thermostat as a good product that can control your household temperatures to prevent unnecessary changes.

With this in mind, here is my unbiased review of this Lux thermostat.

Benefits Of Owning A Lux TX9000TS

Clear Backlit Touchscreen Display

The Lux TX9000TS has a large blue electroluminescent display allowing you to read your programmed settings clearly, even under low lighting conditions or at night.

Simple to Use

The Lux TX9000TS is programmed by a simple menu-driven software with intuitive touch-screen commands with clear operator manuals to help you set up your heating/cooling schedule.

7-Day Programming

The Lux TX9000TS allows you to customise your household’s heating and cooling schedule differently for 7 days (1 week). Within this programming schedule, you can also further program your settings differently for 4 periods within a 24 hour time frame.

Simple Installation

The Lux TX9000TS can be installed easily over an old thermostat or as an entirely new thermostat. It can also be installed on soft surfaces like plasterboard albeit a few simple modifications.

Compatible with Most Systems

This Lux thermostat is compatible with most heating and cooling systems that include the following:

  • Most 24-volt heating and A/C systems
  • Single-stage for both heating-only or cooling-only systems powered by gas, oil and electricity
  • Single stage heat pump systems
  • 2 wire heat only hydronic systems (hot water baseboard & radiator)
  • Millivolt systems (wall heaters / furnaces and gas fireplaces)
  • Heat pumps without auxiliary heat

But it is not suitable for the below systems

  • Multi-Stage Heat Pumps
  • Wire Hydronic Systems
  • Line Voltage Systems (120 VAC)

However in view of the high compatibility ratio, it still makes the Lux TX9000TS an ideal DIY and green installation in your household to help you cut down on your utilities.

Energy Star certified

The Lux TX9000TS has a default Energy-star certified program that helps the customer save energy.

Green Product

Lux TX9000TS is an energy-efficient installation that can give you savings of up to 33% on energy bills per household. There is also a default energy-conserving heating and cooling schedule that comes pre-programmed to give you savings of up to USD180 in savings over one year.

Additional Features

Audible sound confirmation upon successful selection, a filter-usage monitor option allows you to set your filter usage limits from 0 to 720 hours of use before prompting for a replacement of filter and a battery replace function ensures the smooth function of your thermostat. The keyboard lockout feature of this Lux thermostat prevents the kids or potential unauthorised users from meddling with your settings.

DimensionsHeight = 4.50 in.
Width = 6.00 in.
Depth = 1.25 in.
Shipping Weight = 0.95 pounds
ShapeRectangular with Curved Edges
Display Style Digital with Touchscreen Interface
Additional Features-Battery Free Memory for all programs and settings
-Honeywell Smart Response Technology
-12/24 Hr Display
-Vacation Hold Function
Programming7 Days Programming with 4 Periods per day
Energy Star Certified Heating/Cooling ProgramYes; 4 Programmable Periods Daily allowinf Settings for Wake, Leave, Return and Sleep will guarantee you savings
Power Source3 "AAA" size batteries or Rewiring can be done to run it on the heating or cooling appliance power supply

How does the Lux TX9000TS rank on popular websites?


278 customers at Amazon gave it an average of 4.4/5 stars. Out of 278 customers, 185 gave it 5.0/5 stars.


6 customers at Pexsupply gave it an average of 4.7/5 stars. Out of 6 customers, 5 gave it 5.0/5 stars.


7 customers at Lowe’s gave it an average of 3.4/5 stars. Out of 7 customers, 1 gave it 5.0/5 stars.

Customer Reviews for Lux TX9000TS

I have read many recent customer reviews and summarised the pros and cons below.

The Pros 🙂

Some mentioned positives of the Lux TX9000TS value for money functionalities, intuitive controls, generous sized display with a pleasant blue hue that allows you to adjust your settings even during night-time and responsive touch screen. Ease of installation with a clear instruction manual provided plus ability to maintain a steady temperature with variation of only 1 degree Fahrenheit.

Other pros include the flexible usage of batteries to power this Lux thermostat though the recommended brands of batteries are Energizer® and Duracell® and  good after sales service and technical support have also been mentioned.

The Cons  🙁

Some customers have mentioned its limited features and not so user friendly terminology in the programming instructions.

Warranty Information

There is a 3 year limited warranty that comes with the Lux TX9000TS that covers any defects in workmanship or materials from the date of purchase.

Best Deals for Lux TX9000TS

As I was doing my research on the Lux TX9000TS, I found out that shopping online is the way to go with many sites offering this Lux thermostat at competitive prices. However among the sites, I discovered that Amazon actually offers the lowest price for this washer.

So it will actually be logical to get it from Amazon, who is also the world’s largest online retailer offering the best prices. In fact here is the link by Amazon: Lux TX9000TS Best Deals


(Download the Installation Manual for Lux TX9000TS here)

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