LG WM3360HVCA Review-The Front Load Washer Worth Considering (Discontinued)

Published in Washing Machines on 19th March 2012

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Looking to change from a top load washer to a front load washer? The LG WM3360HVCA graphite steel front load washer is one of the latest models by the Korean electronic giants LG that you can consider especially if you have a large family. It was awarded the Energy-Star most efficient designation in 2011.

With its sleek design and useful features like the TrueSteam™ Technology, it will be a perfect front load washer for you.However if you have already made up your mind about this washer, here is the link by Amazon that allows you to purchase the LG WM3360HVCA at the lowest prices: LG WM3360HVCA Best Deals

If you are still not sure, please read my unbiased LG WM3360HVCA Review!

Benefits Of Owning A LG WM3360HVCA

3.9 cu.ft. D.O.E Extra-Large Capacity

At this capacity, the LG WM3360HVCA front load washer allows you to wash larger amount of laundry at one go. You can fit a king-sized quilt in this LG front load washer at one wash cycle. With its stainless drum, you will have no fear of rusting of your front-load washer.

Stylish and Easy-To-Use Features

The LG WM3360HVCA possesses well-designed features that allow for simple selection of the appropriate wash cycles. With its dual LED displays for the control panel, your selected wash cycles are clearly displayed. With its NeveRust™ stainless body, sleek and modernistic design this front load washer is a pretty sight in your laundry room.

TrueSteam™ Technology

TrueSteam™ technology in this LG front load washer utilises a real steam generator to generate the smaller and hotter particles of steam that can penetrate fabric deeply but gently to give you a “deeper clean”, while also offering a freshening cycle that reduces the wrinkling and odors in your laundry.

This technology also uses less water than the traditional washers that will allow you cut down on water usage giving you savings in your utilities.

Steam away household allergens

The Allergiene™ cycle in the LG WM3360HVCA introduces heated steam into the wash cycle that can remove over 95% of common household allergens, like dust mites and pet dander, from even the most delicate fabrics. This wash function has also been certified by the non-profit Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America to be asthma and allergy friendly to people.

No More Noisy Wash Cycles

The LG TrueBalance™ anti-vibration system is designed to minimise washer noise and vibration during wash cycles to ensure a smooth, quiet performance allowing its installation in any room or floor of the house.

Efficient Cold/Hot Wash Cycle

The ColdWash™ Option in the LG WM3360HVCA allows the usage of cold water in your wash cycles, plus enhanced washing motions allow for deeper penetration of fabrics giving you a better cleaning performance. Usage of cold water in your wash cycle also allows you to save on your utilities.

Right Mix of Cycles and Modes

The LG 6Motion™ technology allows you to combine 6 different wash motions with up to 11 wash cycles to provide a revolutionary cleaning experience.

ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2011

The LG WM3360HVCA was awarded the ENERGY STAR most efficient designation in 2011. This means that this product has met the rigorous energy efficiency performance levels in preventing greenhouse gas emissions as set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Summary of Specifications for Rinnai R75LSi

DimensionsHeight = 22.9 in.
Width = 14.0 in.
Depth = 9.6 in.
Weight = 50 pounds
Installation ModeIndoor, Residential and Commercial. Can be connected to another unit via EZConnect®.
Production Capacity Maximum of 7.5 GPM
Temperature Range98-140 Degrees Fahrenheit
98-160 Degrees Fahrenheit (Commercial)
Minumum/Maximum Gas Rate (BTUs)9900 to 180,000 BTUs
Energy Star Certified Yes. Possess an energy factor of 0.82.
Warranty12 Year Warranty on Heat Exchanger, 5 Years on Parts, 1 Year Labor for Residential Installation

How does the LG WM3360HVCA rank on popular websites?



4 customers at Amazon gave the LG WM3360HVCA an average of 3.5/5 stars. Out of 4 customers, 1 gave it 5.0/5 stars.


10 customers at Sears gave the LG WM3360HVCA an average of 3.6/5 stars. Out of 10 customers, 5 gave it 5.0/5 stars.

AJ Madison

59 customers at AJ Madison gave the LG WM3360HVCA an average of 4.7/5 stars. Out of 63 customers, 53 gave it 5.0/5 stars.


75 customers at LG website gave the LG WM3360HVCA an average of 4.8/5 stars. Out of 75 customers, 67 gave it 5.0/5 stars.


Customer Reviews on LG WM3360HVCA

I have read many recent reviews about the LG WM3360HVCA and have summarised the pros and cons of this front-load washer.

The Pros 🙂

Customers that have installed the LG WM3360HVCA have given positive comments that range from its high performance capability in cleaning, beautiful design and not overpriced. This LG front load washer has been mentioned to not suffer from mold issue that is common among front load washers due to its in-built features like the Auto Suds Removal and TUBFRESH™ System that enables the cleanliness and dryness of your washer. Quietness during wash cycles and easy-to-use features are other positives that have been mentioned.

Its steam option has also been mentioned to be useful for sterilising bed sheets especially in the effect of infection. The LG WM3360HVCA’s ability to use either hot or cold water in your wash cycle and very little cleaning products to give you clean washing and also allow you to save money.

The 4-tray dispenser is also one of the reasons that you can save on your washing products with its ability to dispense the appropriate product during the wash cycle to ensure more efficient cleaning of your laundry.

The Cons 🙁

There are some negatives that I would like to mention. One negative for the LG WM3360HVCA include its multi-functions that probably adds to its higher cost as compared to some basic front load washers.

So for customers who just want a simple machine with a lower cost, and still gets the job done this front load washer might not be suitable for them. Instead one model that I can recommend is the Amana NFW7300WW 3.5 cu.ft front load washer. You can read my review about this washer here: Amana NFW7300WW Review.  But ultimately do consider your usage and the properties that you look for in your new front load washer.

Besides that, there were also cases of customers saying that this front load washer not able to get their washing clean even though the majority of the customers were happy with the cleaning capability of this washer. Be it whether this was a case of factory defect or other possibilities it is important that you purchase it from reputable suppliers.

Warranty Information

Purchasing the LG WM3360HVCA front load washer entitles you a 1 year warranty for parts and labor, 10 years warranty on their Direct Drive Motor and a Lifetime warranty on their drum.

Best Deals for LG WM3360HVCA

As I was doing my research on the LG WM3360HVCA, I found out that shopping online is the way to go with many sites offering this washer at competitive prices. However among the sites, I discovered that that Amazon actually offers the lowest price for this washer.

So it will actually be logical to get it from Amazon, who is also the world’s largest online retailer offering the best prices. In fact here is the link by Amazon: LG WM3360HVCA Best Deals

 (Download the Specification Sheet for LG WM3360HVCA here)

(Last Updated 20th March 2012)