How to Build Solar Panels of Your Own !

Last updated on April 26th, 2024 at 01:11 pm

Solar energy have been an integral part of space discovery by providing power via solar panels made up of solar cells for our unmanned satellites. Due to advances in technology, it is also now available for us to tap and produce our own electricity for home use.

So how to build solar panels? You will require tools and at least a clean and dust-free work table for you to work on. Materials can be purchased online from eBay or even recycling centres.

You do not require an engineering degree, but just a desire to cut down your utility bills via a green energy source and a couple of days of your time. The list of materials required for the solar panel will look something like this:

–          Wooden boxing with a open faces on the covers

–          Plastic paneling

–          Black paint

–          Waterproof sealant like silicone

–          Solder and soldering bit

–          EVA glue

–          Insulated wiring

–          Photovoltaic (PV) Cells or solar cells

In knowing how to build solar panels, you will also learn when to spend your money. Do not be stingy with the cost of the solar cells; select those that have their own tabs; Solar cells made of crystalline silicon are also more expensive and possess a higher efficiency rating of more than 25%.

Efficiency rating is the percentage of total sunlight collected usable as electricity. The other material is poly crystalline silicon that is cheaper with lower efficiency. However, latest technology now can boost of solar cells that can surpass the 40 % efficiency percentile; and a new type of solar cells So do choose the cells that are most suitable for your budget and uses.

How to build solar panels that generate the appropriate power? It is dependent on the number of cells. Glue the tabs of the solar cells together to ensure that there is only one-way flow of electricity. The best configuration is a series of 36, in a 6×6 format. Place the cells onto a backing board and fix it into a box that is well-insulated and painted black. Cover the face of the box by screwing down the plastic panel and sealing it with silicone glue.

Connect your panel to one or a series of batteries for storage of the generated power for release over time especially in cloudy weather or night. At this stage it might be wise to consult an electrician for help if you are not confident.

An area of only a few feet, not shaded by trees, or other buildings is required to mount the whole system on a roof. Remember to use insulated wire for the back of the mounted box to avoid heat energy loss. In understanding how to build solar panels, you will realise that it is a simple process that will contribute to your household’s energy usage.

Moreover, in such times when Earth is under threat as a result of us using and extracting non-renewable energy sources like coal and oil, any attempt at utilising an alternative source is much appreciated.

Besides that in learning to how to build solar panels, you are providing a fun and educational project for your family to assist in and also educate them in the benefits and importance of green energy.



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