Green Projects For Kids

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So you have been leading a green and sustainable lifestyle and embarking on green projects your part to save the Earth? Do plan for kids as well!

Kids are great helpers and love to teach their parents new and acquired knowledge that allow them to make decisions and help out in your green projects. Depending on their age group below are some green projects or activities for kids and will teach them the 3 Rs Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle:

Look For Reusable Items At Home

These items include computer paper printed on one side for usage as rough paper, and plastic bags as trash bags. Such green projects for kids will teach them the concept of reusing items that deserves a second lifespan.


Plan Healthy And Green Menus

Such meals should include ingredients that comprise of locally grown produce or in-season vegetables. This will ensure your kids will have healthier meals and at the same time teach them the benefits of consuming locally grown produce and also the importance of lowering one’s carbon footprint.

Donate Their Old Toys/ Clothes  

Together with your kids, sort through their old toys or clothes for still functionable items that they do not wear or play and arrange  it to be donated to needy children in the community. This allow these items to be given a second lease of life via recycling instead of throwing them away as thrash.

Shop For Secondhand Clothing

This to inculcate the habit of wearing secondhand clothing and reduce unnecessary purchases from young. At the same time, it will teach them the habit of reusing and not shop for new items unless necessary.

Set Up An Organic Garden In Your Backyard

Together with your kids, you can cultivate healthy and nutritious vegetables for your own consumption. Good information is available online for such green projects for kids and parents otherwise you can read through my list of recommended vegetables that you can grow in your backyard easily.

Setting Up Of Recycling Bins And Composting 

This enable you to start and organise recycling efforts in the family. For kids, they can be taught to sort through recyclable items like paper, and certain plastics, aluminium cans before throwing the conventional trash.

Take Part In Neighbourhood Or Beach Clean Up 

These activites are good for both kids and parents. This will let them be aware of how much damage man can deal to the environment by irresponsible behaviour like dumping trash in the environment irresponsibly.  

It will also educate them in how a simple act of cleaning up after you go and dumping thrash responsibly can greatly lessen mankind damage on to the environment and improve its well-being. Such cleanup projects organised include the International Coastal CleanUp.

Assign Your Kids Responsibilities

Your kids can be assigned responsibilities to make sure that electrical appliances like lights and water taps are switched off when not in use. This will teach them the importance of resource conservation.

Besides the above-mentioned projects, one more green project to consider is to…

Build Solar Panels or Wind Turbines Of Your Own

Enlisting your children’s help in such projects is a good way to strengthen your family bonds. At the same time you can also harness the benefits of these renewable energy sources. To accomplish this you will need good and accurate plans to help you build solar panels or wind turbines of your own.

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