A thing about Green Energy

GreeWind Turbinesn energy can be defined as a form of energy that has very minimal carbon footprint.

What is carbon footprint? Carbon footprint is commonly defined as the amount of greenhouse gas emissions consisting of primarily carbon dioxide (CO2) or its equivalent emitted by us for a one-year period.

Emission of greenhouse gases has been determined to be basic causes of global warming resulting in climate change. Therefore it is important that we try to minimise or reduce the carbon footprint in our daily activities in a bid to reduce its effects on the environment. 

This type of energy can be obtained from natural and renewable sources like the sun, wind and heat from the Earth’s crust. These give rise to energy forms like solar, wind, tidal and geothermal. Utilising these energy sources in generating electricity instead of fossil fuels will not result in any harmful emissions which will greatly reduce the carbon footprint as a resultant effect of these activities.

Other energy sources include biomass and the controversial nuclear energy. However in recent years, there has been an increasing focus in harnessing these resources due to the dwindling fossil fuel resources and the effect of global warming which leads to climate change.  

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So how to tap them for our usage? This can be done via advances in technology have allowed us to convert these natural energy sources into usable forms like electricity for our usage. Solar panels, wind turbines are some of these devices that can be utilised to convert these energy into usable electricity.

For biomass fuels, they come in a few forms Soybeans fieldwhich include bioethanol, biodiesel andbiogas. These sources of energy, with the exception of biogas are obtained from terrestrial plants like palm and soybeans.

Recently there are also developments made in the utilising of microalgae for the production of biodiesel.

Biomass fuels can also come in the form of wood chips that can be used as a fuel for biomass heating systems and generators for generating electricity.

In fact the potential of using green energy to substitute and lower our dependence on fossil fuels is constantly increasing with technological advances being made. This potential is also enhanced as people like you and me are becoming more aware of the impact of our activities on the environment and are willing to make a difference.

Wilson Yeo

I am the admin of Green Energy Helps and I possess a keen interest in how green energy and how leading a green lifestyle can help to reduce our individual carbon footprints. From my website, I will provide useful information about green energy and tips that allow you to leave the green way. Besides that, I will provide unbiased reviews about green products and whether they are suitable for you!

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