Free Energy Options Review

Published in Uncategorized on 12th March 2011

Welcome to my Free Energy Options Review.

Free Energy Options is an e-Book that was created by Alan Hopkins – a qualified mechanical engineer who is experienced in solar and wind power studies. He has worked in the area of electricity generation for the US government and major electrical companies.

Free Energy Options was created by him to teach home-owners to utilise solar and wind energy to generate own FREE electricity at less than USD 200. The product consists of an e-Book that contains projects of various scales for both solar and wind energies.

It also provides practical tips that allow you up to 30% in your electrical bills without embarking on any projects. If you are looking for the official site for Free Energy Options the link you need is below:

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How Free Energy Options Works?

Free Energy Options is a well-structured e-Book with step-by-step instructions and illustrations that can guide a complete lay-man to build their very own solar power generator with blueprints for a 200W solar panel in various configurations. It includes plans for a professional grade 1000W wind mill using easy-to-find materials with detailed diagrams and instructions provided. Each project can be assembled at a cost of less of USD 200!

Inside Free Energy Options, information pertaining to maintenance and legal of your projects is also provided to aid in keeping your system operational. You can also make use of the free materials list provided to source for the cheapest or even free materials to build either or solar panels or wind turbines.




Bonuses in purchasing Free Energy Options

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Free Energy Options Review Conclusion

When you purchase Free Energy Options you get two types of projects for the price of one product. The materials list included is also very useful saving you a lot of time and money when sourcing for materials. And the price of USD 48.95 is also very affordable for this product.

However one point to note, no videos are included to make it more informative for users. The diagrams and wiring setups have been found to be average and not-to-scale. Online technical support was also slow to response to queries. Therefore I will only recommend this product to home-owners that have experience in electrical and wiring setup.

Nevertheless if you have purchased and you are not satisfied with the product, the 8 WEEKS 100 % money back guarantee attached will ensure you get back your money! So if you are looking for the official site for Free Energy Options the link you need is below:

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I hope this Free Energy Options review has been helpful for you!