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Forimo Tankless Water Heater Review: Top Outdoor Choice?

Last updated on May 16th, 2024 at 12:30 pm

When considering a tankless water heater, it's not just about getting hot water, it's about getting the right kind. The Forimo Portable Propane Water Heater shines for those who love the outdoor life, needing a reliable source of continuous hot water in places where traditional units cannot reach.

Crafted with convenience and mobility in mind, this heater is a go-to for camping, hiking, and outdoor adventures. Its energy-efficient design with a flame failure device, anti-freezing protection, and over-heating protection brings peace of mind, knowing you're using a product that's safe and considers your energy consumption.

It comes with a 5FT Gas Regulator, a high-pressure shower head with 5 spray modes, a 59in extended stainless steel hose, and a shower holder.

With a setup that's user-friendly (especially with its dedicated shower port), the heater garners praise for its easy installation. Meanwhile, some users note the temperature control can be tricky, with experiences of the water being too hot or too cold.

Nevertheless, the simplicity of a portable hot shower or pet bath setup has been a game-changer for many who enjoy outdoor showers.

Bottom Line

The Forimo Portable Propane Water Heater offers a balance of efficiency, portability, and practical use for your open-air escapades or off-the-grid living. Consider adding this to your gear if you value convenience and comfort in the great outdoors.

Don't miss out on the opportunity for hot water on demand, wherever you roam. Get your Forimo water heater today!

Overview of the Forimo Tankless Water Heater

If you're on the lookout for an outdoor hot water solution, the Forimo's tankless water heater might have caught your eye.

One notable aspect is that it's designed for a range of outdoor activities, so whether you're camping or need an impromptu shower system for a pet wash, this unit claims to handle it. It provides a considerable output of 5.26 gallons per minute, suggesting that you won't be left shivering while waiting for the water to warm up.

However, users have reported mixed emotions about the water temperature consistency—some find it spot on, while others struggle with temperature adjustments.

Noise levels are kept at bay thanks to its design, which is a nice touch for peaceful outdoor environments. Nonetheless, if your water needs are significant, you might find the flow rate not as high as you'd like.

Its portable nature, with claims of ease of carrying and operation, indicates that it could be a good fit for on-the-go adventures.

Yet, it's disappointing that some units have been received with missing parts, leading to unexpected trips to the hardware store.

The product has been around since late 2022 and seems to be carving a niche for itself, with Forimo promising reliability and customer satisfaction, albeit a few owners have experienced performance issues over time.

With energy-saving capabilities, it's clear that this unit is crafted keeping efficiency in mind, although your actual savings might vary.

Lastly, the brand emphasizes a satisfaction guarantee, yet some customers have expressed difficulties in achieving this contentment.

While the thought of a hot shower in the wild is enticing, the performance of this tankless heater might require a bit of troubleshooting for it to become a reliable part of your outdoor escapades.

Main Features of the Forimo Tankless Water Heater

Compact and Portable Design

When you're on the move, you'll appreciate the convenience of the Forimo water heater. Its compact structure, measuring at just 17.12x7.87x26.77 inches, means it won’t take up too much space.

Lightweight enough to carry, this heater is a great companion for your outdoor adventures.

The unit's design also includes the practicality of being powered by "D" cell batteries, an aspect that makes it useable even in locations without a traditional power supply.

Efficiency and Energy Savings

Energy efficiency is a notable attribute of this water heater. Using advanced combustion technology, the unit minimizes gas consumption and reduces noise during operation.

With a maximum output of 68,000 BTU/hour, it's not just powerful; it's designed to save you up to 11.5% in energy usage compared to other heaters.

This equates to more heated water with less propane used, making it both environmentally and wallet-friendly.

Versatility and Wide Range of Uses

Versatility is a key advantage here. Whether you’re in need of a hot shower while camping, rinsing off after a beach day, or even if you need to bathe a pet, this water heater is up to the task.

It can produce an impressive 5.26 gallons per minute at a maximum temperature increase of 167 °F, ensuring that hot water is always readily available for a variety of outdoor uses.

And with a suite of safety features like flame failure and over-heating protection, you're not just buying a product that's versatile, but also one that's built keeping safety in mind.

Pros and Cons


  • Energy Efficient: The heater's exchanger and main burner have been designed to decrease gas consumption, complete with a combustion technology that minimizes burning noise. This ensures you enjoy hot water with less energy spend.
  • Instant Hot Water: You can expect to receive up to 5.26 gallons of hot water per minute, allowing for a quick and continuous supply that doesn’t keep you waiting.
  • Portability: Its compact size and light weight make this heater an excellent choice for your outdoor adventures. The portable design means you can easily bring the comfort of warm water to any outdoor setting.
  • **Easy

Ease of Installation and Use

Getting the forimo Tankless Water Heater up and running is generally stress-free. Whether you're well-versed in DIY home projects or this is your first one, you'll appreciate the completeness of the accessory kit.

Most DIY enthusiasts find the instructions quite clear, allowing for a smooth installation process. For those less inclined to tackle installation themselves, professionals also report an uncomplicated setup.

Key to its user-friendliness is its portability, giving you hot water wherever you are—be it a remote campsite or in a cozy RV.

Its compact design takes up minimal space, and for the wanderlust-stricken, this unit becomes an indispensable travel companion.

Users love that it runs on propane and is equipped with energy-efficient technology, ensuring that you won't burn through gas unnecessarily.

Plus, the intuitive digital display multi protection feature on the unit takes the guesswork out of operating it. However, some users note the flow rate may not always hit the maximum advertised, so expectations may need adjusting.

Should you need further confirmation of its convenience, the heater's portability is lauded; moving it for various outdoor uses is a breeze. The included water regulator and high-pressure shower head are a hit.

Though, a few users have mentioned that finding the right temperature setting can be tricky—sometimes it's a balancing act between too hot and too cold.

Your experience could certainly vary, but overall, this tankless heater favors ease and practicality, essential for those who prefer simplicity along with their adventures.

Efficiency and Energy Use

When it comes to energy consumption, the Forimo Tankless Water Heater stands out with its propane-fueled efficiency.

This model doesn't require any batteries, which means it's designed to draw energy only when necessary, directly from a propane source.

Its tankless nature means you are only heating water on demand, potentially lowering your energy footprint compared to traditional units that keep gallons of water hot 24/7.

However, the specific energy ratings and certifications, which are vital in understanding the exact energy efficiency of the heater, aren't provided in the given data.

While this missing detail might leave you wondering about its precise efficiency, the fact that it's a tankless system does inherently offer energy-saving benefits over conventional tank heaters.

This could be crucial for your outdoor adventures or cabin stays where efficiency is not just about cost but also about resource conservation.

Keep in mind that operating pressure peaks at 110 PSI with this unit. It’s essential to ensure that your usage falls within this limit for optimal, safe performance.

This appliance aims to combine convenience and functionality, particularly for those who value effectiveness alongside energy conservation in their outdoor pursuits.

Customer Reviews

When you're considering the forimo Tankless Water Heater, you'll find that users often highlight its straightforward installation and effectiveness for off-grid living situations.

With a current average rating of 3.7 stars from 360 reviews, it seems to strike a balance between utility and a few hitches here and there.

Some users praise its ability to generate hot water with ease, even complimenting its performance when using a gravity feed system.

Others mention that with a little bit of know-how and troubleshooting, it's possible to get it up and running even if initial issues arise.

That said, consistent temperature control appears to be a sticking point for certain customers, with reports of the water being too hot or too cold.

The durability is also called into question by a handful of users who experienced malfunctions within a few weeks to months of use.

A few users were disappointed by the flow rate not matching up to the expectations or missing parts that necessitated an extra trip to the hardware store.

Despite these challenges, many find it to be a workable solution, especially for those in need of a hot water solution for outdoor use. It's described as "super hot" and able to fill a tub with no issues by a satisfied customer, which is great news if you're looking to enjoy a hot shower or bath in the great outdoors.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're considering adding convenience and efficiency to your outdoor adventures, the Forimo Tankless Water Heater Propane might be on your radar.

Your peace of mind is valuable, and Forimo seems to understand this with their approach to customer satisfaction.

The average rating hovers around 3.7 stars, which shows a mix of experiences.

Several users have expressed contentment with the heater's ease of installation and its ability to perform well in an off-grid setting.

The ability to get hot water even with a simple gravity feed system is a highlight.

However, a few users have had less than ideal experiences, citing issues with temperature control and hardware malfunctions.

It's worth noting that as with any product, there could be occasional defects or shipping mishaps that might leave you needing support.

While the unit is designed to provide a liberating way to access hot water in remote areas, keep in mind that you'll need to troubleshoot now and then.

In such cases, reaching out to Forimo's customer service could provide you with guidance or a possible replacement, ensuring your trips aren't cut cold by a faltering heater.

Remember that as with any purchase, it's good to know the return policies and warranty details. While the specifics aren't outlined here, it's always wise to check with the brand or retailer for the fine print before making your final decision.

Maintenance and Support

Taking care of your Tankless Water Heater Propane 5.26GPM should be a straightforward task. The unit's portable design means you can handle it with ease, whether you're enjoying the great outdoors or sprucing up your cabin.

Maintenance is largely about following the manual for routine checks, like ensuring the water pressure stays within safe limits and that the gas connections remain secure to avoid leaks.

When it comes to support, Forimo prides itself on being there for you.

With their satisfaction guarantee, you get a sense of security in your purchase. If you run into any issues within the first three months, you can reach out to them for a refund or replacement, presenting a comfort cushion for you.

Keep in mind that while the heater is user-friendly, you might need to buy some minor additional hardware, like adapters for hose connections, as some customers have pointed out. It's essential to ensure a correct setup to maintain efficient operation and safety.

Regular care and proper installation will help you get the most out of your hot water experience, ensuring those showers remain reliably warm.

Comparisons with Other Tankless Water Heaters

When considering Forimo's portable gas water heater, it's helpful to know how it stacks up against the competition. One standout feature that you might appreciate is its portability, designed for outdoor adventures or as a versatile solution for homes without a fixed unit.

This model comes to life with just 3.6 PSI of water pressure, offering a generous flow rate of 5.26 GPM, which means you can enjoy a hot shower without long waits.

As for safety, the Forimo heater is equipped with multiple protection features for for camping trips boat cabins, including a flame failure device and overheat protection, which may give you peace of mind compared to some models that lack these qualities.

The device's energy efficiency might be another plus, and with a max power output of 68,000btu/hour, it balances performance and energy conservation quite well.

However, you might find the 3.7-star average customer rating a bit lower than some popular alternatives, suggesting that while many users are satisfied, there can be concerns with consistency and reliability.

Instances of inadequate temperature control and hardware omissions have been reported. Some models from other brands might offer a more robust build or more consistent performance but might not have the same level of portability.

The device's digital display and easy-to-carry design, complemented by accessories like a high-pressure shower head and extended hose, set it apart for users who need hot water in various settings.

If flexibility and portability are high on your list, this perhaps could outweigh other concerns, depending on your personal needs.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

When it comes to enjoying hot water in off-grid settings or during outdoor activities for the past month, the Forimo Tankless Water Heater seems to offer a blend of convenience and functionality. It boasts a decent flow rate and digital display, adding to its ease of use.

Many users have found it to be a reliable solution for their warm water needs, especially appreciating its straightforward installation process and ability to provide ample heat even with a low-pressure water supply.

However, your experience may vary, given that some users have reported inconsistencies in water temperature and challenges with the unit's durability over time.

The need for additional fittings to connect standard garden hoses and some units arriving with missing parts shows there's room for improvement in quality control.

To wrap up, if you're looking for a portable water heating solution and you're willing to navigate potential hiccups, the Forimo heater could serve you well with its effective heating performance.

Just keep in mind, it may require a little troubleshooting and patience to get the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering the Forimo tankless water heater for your outdoor adventures or home use, you might have some queries. Navigating through technical details can be tricky, so we've collated some common questions to make things easier for you.

How do I troubleshoot my Forimo tankless water heater when it has performance issues?

If you're facing any performance issues with your Forimo tankless water heater, here’s a brief guide to help you:
- Check Gas and Water Supply: Ensure you have a proper propane gas connection and the water pressure is meeting the required minimum of 3.6 PSI.
- Battery Inspection: As the unit is powered by "D" cell batteries, make sure they're properly installed and are not depleted.
- Cleaning: Regularly clean the water inlet filter and check for blockages or debris that may affect water flow.
- Consult the Manual: Refer to the troubleshooting section in the user manual for specific error codes and remedies.
Remember, if your efforts don’t resolve the problem, it’s best to contact customer support for help.

What are the warranty terms for a Forimo tankless water heater?

Forimo’s commitment to customer satisfaction includes a warranty on their tankless water heater, though it's best to reach out directly to Forimo or refer to your purchase documentation for the most accurate terms. Generally, warranties cover manufacturing defects and may provide for repairs or replacement within a specified period. Keep your receipt safe, as proof of purchase is often required to make a warranty claim.

What are some common issues users may face with tankless water heaters?

Tankless water heaters, like all appliances, can encounter issues. Common problems with models like the Forimo might include:
- Temperature Fluctuations: Sometimes you might experience inconsistent water temperatures. This could emanate from excessively long pipes or external cold weather.
- Ignition Failures: If your heater doesn't ignite, check to see if the gas supply is connected and there’s enough water pressure.
- Mineral Build-up: Over time, especially in areas with hard water, minerals can build-up inside the heater, affecting efficiency.
Regular maintenance and adherence to the manufacturer's recommendations can help mitigate these issues and ensure the longevity of your tankless water heater.


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