FOGATTI RV Tankless Water Heater Review: A Top Pick for RVers?

Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:51 am

Exploring the great outdoors in your RV is an adventure like no other, but when it comes to everyday comforts, hot water is a non-negotiable.

Whether it’s for washing dishes after a hearty campfire meal or taking a rejuvenating shower, a reliable water heater is your unseen travel companion ensuring those moments are carefree.

FOGATTI’s InstaShower 8 Plus steps up to this role, aiming to make unlimited hot water a reality for RVers.

Renowned for their focus on specialized RV appliances, FOGATTI offers this Gen 2 tankless water heater, which combines efficiency with convenience.

With FOGATTI’s reputation for quality, the InstaShower 8 Plus includes features tailored for a seamless RV experience, such as compatibility with high altitudes and a promise of continuous hot water flow.

Bottom Line

The FOGATTI InstaShower 8 Plus could be a game changer for your RV travels, delivering a steady supply of hot water when and where you need it.

With features designed for the RV lifestyle, it’s a practical upgrade worth considering.

Curious to see how it could improve your RV life? Click here to view the FOGATTI InstaShower 8 Plus on Amazon and possibly make it your next travel upgrade.

Overview of the Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater

When choosing an RV water heater, the Fogatti InstaShower 8 Plus stands out for several reasons. It’s designed to ensure you always have hot water when you need it, thanks to its impressive 55,000 BTU of power capable of yielding up to 2.9 GPM.

This means no more running out of hot water in the middle of your shower, as it lasts significantly longer than traditional tank heaters.

One of its unique features is the high altitude performance. Even if your travels take you to places like Denver’s high plateaus, you can count on your water heater to function smoothly.

Moreover, installation is a breeze with dimensions that fit as a replacement for many existing tank or tankless heaters from other brands, making it a versatile option.

The InstaShower 8 Plus is not just about an uninterrupted supply of hot water; it’s also equipped with a range of protection features, such as dry combustion, overheat, water overpressure, automatic gas shutoffs in case of accidental flame failure and anti-freezing, to ensure yohur safety and the longevity of your device.

Plus, it’s a money saver with a built-in pressure relief valve, sparing you the additional expense and installation hassle.

One thing owners appreciate is the convenient remote controller, allowing for easier operation. Not to forget, the white door included lends a neat and consistent appearance to your RV’s exterior.

Although some users have mentioned the necessity of additional fittings not clearly described, the overall sentiment from your fellow RVers is one of satisfaction with the efficient and reliable performance.

In conclusion, if a reliable and high-performing water heater is what you’re after for your RV, the Fogatti gas tankless water heater 8 Plus is worth considering.

It’s CSA certified, a testament to its quality, emphasizing the manufacturer’s attention to detail and commitment to user safety.

Detailed Breakdown of Product Features

High Altitude Compatibility

For those weekend getaways or adventures that take you up to the dizzying heights of the Denver plateau, you’ll appreciate the advanced altitude suitability of this water heater.

The technology is designed to adjust the flame in stages during your RV journey, ensuring smooth operation at altitudes as high as 9,800 feet. This adjustment means you can have access to hot water consistently without fearing high-altitude performance drops.

Ease of Replacement

If replacing your old RV water heater sounds like a complex puzzle, think again. This unit is versatile with a 13 x 13 inches opening, accompanied by a 15 x 15 inches door, providing a convenient replacement for popular brands like Suburban and Atwood’s 6 gallons tank heaters.

For those with 10-gallon tank water heaters, an adaptation with an 18 x 18 inches door will see you through an effortless transition.

Endless Hot Water Supply

Gone are the days of 6-10 gallon storage constraints; this tankless water heater boasts a robust 55,000 BTU power, producing up to 2.9 GPM of hot water.

This ensures a consistent hot water flow for over 40 minutes, massively outperforming traditional tank heaters. It’s renovation in hot water supply for RV owners who enjoy the the outdoors without having to monitor their hot water usage rigorously.

Instant Heating for Continuous Comfort

Imagine stepping into your shower and enjoying immediate access to hot water—that’s the convenience of a tankless system. No more time wasted twiddling your thumbs for the water to heat up mid-shower.

Plus, with propane as the heating source, concerns about power shortages in your caravan are a thing of the past.

Built-In Safety Features

Safety is never compromised with this tankless water heater. It comes with CSA certification and an array of safeguards, including a forced exhaust fan, stable combustion, automatic gas shut-off in case of flame failure, and anti-freeze protection.

The unit promotes peace of mind, ensuring you can relax and enjoy the comfort of hot water without worrying about safety concerns.

Friendly nods from customers echo these features, noting the straightforward installation, reliability, and the consistent hot water supply.

Reviews highlight the unit’s efficacy at high elevations and the convenience of built-in safety measures. Balancing a commendable 4.2-star rating from over a thousand reviews underlines the trust and satisfaction users have with their purchase.

Pros and Cons

When considering whether the InstaShower 8 Plus is right for your RV adventures, examining its advantages and downsides is crucial for an informed decision.


  • High altitude performance: You’ll appreciate that this model is designed to operate smoothly even at altitudes as high as 9,800 feet due to its high altitude suitability mode, which is ideal if you love mountainous escapades.
  • Versatility in replacement: If you’re replacing an older RV water heater, you’re in luck. This Fogatti RV water heater is compatible with various models, including those from Suburban and Atwood, and can easily take the place of both 6 and 10-gallon tank heaters (with some retrofitting for the latter). It is also a great replacement for Girard and Furrion’s tankless water heaters.
  • Continuous hot water supply: With its tankless design, it churns out up to 2.9 GPM of hot water, meaning your showers can extend beyond the short-lived 5-8 minutes provided by tank heaters. With staged combustion technology, you control the flame amount during summer, preventing excessive water heating and conserving limited propane gas for your caravan adventures.
  • Immediate availability: There’s no need to endure cold moments waiting for water to heat up. Its quick heating capability ensures a steady flow of hot water whenever you need it. You can easily control the temperature of your water with the intelligent remote controller for your hot showers.
  • Cost-efficiency: The InstaShower 8 Plus comes complete with a pressure relief valve and an intelligent remote control, reducing the need for additional purchases and installations. The built-in safety features can also provide peace of mind regarding your investment.


  • Installation complexity: While installation is straightforward for some, it could be a challenge if you’re adapting the heater for non-RV uses, such as a cabin. Ensuring you have the right fittings could require extra research and effort.
  • Occasional temperature fluctuation: Users have noted minor inconsistencies in water temperature. Although not a deal-breaker for most, it’s worth considering if constant temperature is paramount for you.
  • Specific connection descriptions: Some buyers felt that the descriptions of the water connections could be clearer, which initially led to confusion during setup.
  • Additional fittings for certain replacements: If you’re switching from a 10-gallon tanked heater, be prepared for some retrofitting, which may include needing a larger door.

Weighing these pros and cons should aid in determining if the InstaShower 8 Plus meets your RV lifestyle needs, balancing the convenience of endless hot water against any installation and operational considerations.

Installation Experience and Tips

Upgrading your RV with the InstaShower 8 Plus White can be a satisfying project. It’s designed to swap out common 6-gallon models seamlessly and is also compatible with larger 10-gallon units, though an 18 x 18 inches door is needed for the latter.

You’ll require a few tools: a wrench, screwdriver, sealant, and possibly some Teflon tape. Installation doesn’t demand expert plumbing skills but follow instructions carefully, especially regarding the pressure relief valve – which, luckily, is included.

Expect to spend a couple of hours removing your old heater and fitting this tankless model.

Reviewers often remark on the ease of installation and the straightforward nature of the instructions. For higher elevations, adjust settings for optimal performance – the unit excels even at 7000 feet, ensuring your comfort on mountainous adventures.

Long-Term Satisfaction

As you ponder a tankless water heater for your RV, it’s worth considering how the FOGATTI InstaShower 8 Plus stands up over time. Users often share the joy of steady, on-demand hot water even after months of use.

Many have replaced traditional 6-gallon tanks with this model and are pleased with the consistent flow of hot water it provides.

Imagine the convenience of no longer having to endure the off/on showering routine. With the unit’s high altitude performance, even at 7000 feet, you can look forward to reliable and continuous access to hot water.

Although some users mention minor fluctuations in water temperature, these are typically not enough to dampen the overall satisfaction.

The installation process is highlighted positively across several comments, with users finding that the swap from an older unit to the InstaShower 8 Plus is often seamless.

Moreover, the included remote control and the availability of a white door to match your RV’s aesthetic are small touches that contribute to a positive long-term experience.

Lastly, if you’re keen on reducing your environmental footprint, the tankless nature of this product means you’re using energy only when you need hot water, making it a smart choice for both your comfort and the environment over the long haul.

Customer Reviews

When considering an upgrade to your RV setup, the FOGATTI Tankless Water Heater has caught the attention of many. With an overall impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from over a thousand owners, it’s clear that this heater has found a place in the hearts of its users.

You’ll appreciate knowing that installation is often described as straightforward, even at high elevations, like 7000 feet, which is important for adventurous spirits who enjoy mountain retreats.

For those making the switch from traditional tanks, the InstaShower 8 Plus Gen 2 has been praised for its ease of fitting, with several users reporting a hassle-free experience swapping out old 6-gallon heaters.

Satisfaction with the performance has been expressed by many who’ve enjoyed continuous hot water with minimal temperature fluctuations—a significant plus for full-time RVers.

Availability of hot water on-demand, with rapid heating and compatibility with both water pump and city connections, offers a level of convenience that seems well-received.

Despite the positives, some have mentioned the need for clearer descriptions regarding installation specifics, such as water connections and accessory compatibility.

This feedback reveals that while the majority are pleased, there is always room for improvement in ensuring customers have all the necessary information at their fingertips.

Comparison with other RV tankless water heaters

When you’re considering the InstaShower 8 Plus, it’s worth looking at how it stands up to other contenders.

First off, this model shines with its high-altitude performance, meaning you’ll be able to roam to great heights without interruptions in your hot water supply—a definite plus for adventure seekers. In contrast, some models may struggle to maintain consistent heating as altitude increases.

The versatility of the Fogatti is another highlight. It’s compatible with a range of existing setups, meaning it’s likely a breeze to switch from other brands like Suburban or Atwood.

This ease of replacement might not be as smooth with other tankless heaters, which can vary in size and fitting requirements.

Your wait times for hot water with RV water heaters, including the Fogatti RV tankless water heater, are virtually nonexistent. This is a stark improvement over traditional tank heaters, which can leave you chilling for a bit between showers.

However, be aware that while this unit provides a continuous flow, it has been mentioned that temperature can fluctuate occasionally, albeit slightly. It’s a small hiccup but not a deal-breaker, especially compared to the long wait times of heaters with tanks.

On the downside, although installation is said to be straightforward, some users have reported confusion over the connections. That can be a bit of a hassle if you’re not confident in DIY projects.

In comparison, other tankless heaters might provide more clear-cut instructions or simpler installation processes.

There’s a remote controller included for convenient temperature adjustments, something that might not come standard with other models.

Coupled with built-in safety features and the elimination of an additional pressure relief valve purchase, the Fogatti RV tankless water heater is geared to give you peace of mind and save some pennies, too.

While some tankless options could nudge ahead on luxurious features, this model certainly doesn’t skimp on practicality and protection, putting it in good standing amidst the competition.

Verdict and Conclusion

If you’re an RVer seeking a reliable and efficient hot water solution, the InstaShower 8 Plus could be your go-to. Standing out with its high altitude performance and remote control operation, this model feels like it’s designed to meet the specific needs of life on the road.

Its user-friendly installation and operation have been praised, along with its seamless replacement of older 6-gallon heaters, contributing to an overall rating of 4.2 stars from over a thousand users.

The comfort of having consistent hot water cannot be overstated, and the FOGATTI tankless heater appears to deliver on this front, with reports of steady, fast, and continuous hot water supply.

While some have noted the need for clearer descriptions regarding fittings, once installed, users have experienced a significant upgrade to their RV lifestyle.

Taking into account the summarized experiences, if you value long, uninterrupted showers and the simplicity of installation, the Fogatti RV water heater is worth considering.

Although not all reviews are perfect, the feedback indicates this heater enhances the travel experience considerably. Why not see how it could improve your travels and consider trying the Fogatti tankless water heater for your own RV?


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