Eyedro Home Energy Monitor Review: Managing Energy Use Effortlessly

eyedro home energy monitor

Thinking about making your home energy usage more efficient? The Eyedro Home Energy Monitor could be the tool you need to stay informed and make smart decisions about your electricity consumption. In a world where energy costs are on the rise, having real-time insight into your energy spend can lead to significant savings on your electricity bills.

With its user-friendly interface accessible from any smartphone or computer, this device allows you to monitor both solar and grid power usage, aiming to optimize your energy consumption. The visual representation of real-time data and history provided by the Eyedro Home Energy Monitor lays out your energy expenditure in an easy-to-understand format.

Users have highlighted how intuitive the product is, with installations that are straightforward and quick to complete. The ability to detect which appliances are hogging energy the most can help you make impactful changes. However, it should be noted that some find the data points provided to be too similar to what’s available through their existing utility accounts, and some have difficulties with an internet-dependent hub in areas with poor connectivity.

Bottom Line

The Eyedro Home Energy Monitor offers a sophisticated way to get a handle on your household’s energy use.

For those keen on managing electricity consumption more effectively and potentially lowering energy bills, this device represents a practical investment.

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Overview of the Home Energy Monitor

Monitoring your home energy usage just got easier with the Eyedro Home Energy Monitor. This device provides real-time data on electricity consumption, allowing you to see the direct cost impact of your energy use with a quick glance at your smartphone or computer. It’s an essential tool for anyone interested in reducing their energy bill and environmental footprint.

With the inclusion of two 200A sensors, the Eyedro monitor is capable of overseeing both solar and grid energy consumption. This feature is especially beneficial for those looking to optimize solar energy use and support net metering. There’s no need for batteries, as it’s powered directly via AC, and the package comes complete with an Ethernet cable for those preferring a wired connection, although Wi-Fi setup is also an option.

Eyedro’s long-standing cloud platform, MyEyedro, allows for detailed tracking with no extra subscription fees. Alongside the usual wattage and voltage readings, you’ll find bill comparisons and cost estimates to help you understand your spending patterns. Plus, special features like alerts for power or network failures keep you informed of any critical issues at home.

While the monitor is a helpful tool for identifying energy hogs and adjusting usage to cut down on expenses, some users have mentioned installation challenges, depending on their home’s setup. Overall, the product seems to be a valuable asset for those willing to engage with their energy consumption more actively.

The Eyedro Home Energy Monitor Review: Understanding the Basics

Real-Time Cost Tracking

The real draw of the Eyedro is how it helps you track the cost of your electricity as it happens. It’s quite fascinating to see your energy costs fluctuate when you turn appliances on and off. The MyEyedro platform displays these cost variations, letting you monitor them from your computer or phone.

  • Track on the go: You can check your electricity costs anytime using a smartphone or computer.
  • Immediate feedback: Adjust your energy use by watching the cost impact of turning devices on or off.

Solar or Grid Usage Monitoring

For those invested in eco-friendly solutions, the Eyedro’s ability to monitor solar or grid energy usage is a standout feature. It comes equipped with a couple of 200A sensors that help optimize your solar energy consumption. By tracking your solar usage, you’re strategically positioned to reduce reliance on the grid and increase solar usage when possible.

  • Maximize solar benefits: Ensure you’re making the most of your solar energy investment.
  • Comprehensive tracking: Keep an eye on either your solar or general grid energy usage, allowing for more informed energy decisions.

Connection Options

When it comes to setup, flexibility is key, and the Eyedro doesn’t disappoint. Connectivity is versatile, offering both WiFi and Ethernet options to best suit your home’s layout and networking preferences. So, whether your area has strong wireless signals or you prefer a more stable wired connection, the Eyedro has you covered.

  • Ethernet connection: A reliable, hardwired method to connect the device.
  • WiFi convenience: Freedom to place the monitor anywhere within WiFi range.

Plug-ins and Software Suite

The Eyedro comes with a full suite of software tools on the MyEyedro platform, allowing you to access data on watts, amps, volts, and more without any subscription fees. This robust software has been refined over ten years and is optimized for mobile use, giving you the convenience of checking your energy data on smaller screens.

  • Comprehensive data: Access detailed electricity usage and costs analytics.
  • No extra cost: Enjoy the full functionality of the MyEyedro platform without a subscription.

Being aware of how much power your home consumes and what it costs can lead to more efficient energy usage. The Eyedro Home Energy Monitor is a tool designed for this purpose, created to provide insights into your energy consumption without overcomplicating the process.

With a straightforward design that doesn’t require batteries and boasting a construct that reflects its Canadian origins, this device aims to simplify your approach to monitoring your household energy use. Its ability to effectively capture and notify you of appliance start-up spikes and power or network failures illustrates its responsive design.

Even though setting up energy monitors may seem daunting, users have found that installing the Eyedro is manageable, often taking less than 15 minutes. While the absence of a dedicated app might limit some functionalities, the online platform still provides the necessary insights, and the tool’s capacity to integrate with existing electrical systems without intrusive modifications is a positive aspect.

Remember, the Eyedro does depend on your home network, and its performance could be affected by any issues there. Additionally, while insightful, it may not offer as much depth in data analysis compared to some local utility services. However, it’s the real-time tracking and straightforward interface that often makes the Eyedro a helpful companion in managing home energy costs.

Installation and Usability

When it comes to the Eyedro Home Energy Monitor, setting it up is impressively straightforward. Most users find that they can have the device up and running in under half an hour. Here’s a clear, step-wise breakdown to help you through the installation process:

  • Step 1: Start by turning off your main circuit breaker to ensure your safety during installation.
  • Step 2: Open your electrical panel and attach the two 200A sensors around the main feed lines.
  • Step 3: Connect these sensors to the Eyedro module.
  • Step 4: Power the module using the provided North American power adapter.
  • Step 5: Depending on your preference, link the module to your home network via WiFi or Ethernet using the included cable.
  • Step 6: Once connected, visit MyEyedro.com to complete the setup by creating an account and adding your device.

Using the Eyedro, it seems the user experience generally leans towards the positive, with an appreciation for its ability to provide real-time energy usage data. The device is particularly handy for monitoring solar or grid usage, which can be a boon if you’re trying to maximize your solar investment or just keep a close eye on your energy spending.

However, it’s worth noting that you’ll need some basic electrical knowledge, as installation does require handling your home’s electrical panel. The majority of users didn’t find this to be a roadblock, but it’s a detail to be aware of.

Once installed, accessing your energy data is simple. The Eyedro’s cloud-based platform, MyEyedro, is easily accessible via smartphone or computer, offering insights into your electricity consumption, power interruptions, and more without the need for a subscription service. But remember, MyEyedro’s effectiveness is contingent on a stable internet connection, so you might experience glitches if your home network is unreliable.

Despite the absence of a dedicated app, users have reported satisfactory experiences with the Eyedro’s web interface and its compatibility with mobile devices, indicating ease of access on the go. Savvy users looking for a tool to analyze and optimize their electricity use should find the Eyedro more than capable.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to managing your home energy usage, having the right tools can make all the difference. The Eyedro Home Energy Monitor boasts a variety of features that could provide significant benefits, but, as with any product, there are also some drawbacks worth mentioning.


  • Real-Time Data: You can monitor how much energy you’re using—and spending—in real-time via MyEyedro.com, which can be accessed from any device.
  • Solar and Grid Monitoring: The dual 200A sensors are capable of monitoring both solar and grid energy usage, supporting net metering and helping you optimize your solar energy use.
  • Flexible Connection: Whether you’re a fan of WiFi or prefer a wired Ethernet connection, this monitor offers both options for added convenience.
  • Comprehensive Software: As part of the package, you get access to MyEyedro’s cloud platform, providing detailed insights into your electricity consumption without any subscription fees.
  • Advanced Notifications: The monitor doesn’t just track usage; it also lets you know about power or network failures and can even detect appliance start-up spikes.


  • Installation Access: You’ll need direct access to your electrical wiring for installation, which might be a challenge for some.
  • Dependent on Internet: The device’s performance can be affected by the quality of your internet connection and electrical infrastructure, which might result in false notifications if either is unreliable.
  • Lack of App or Insights: There’s no dedicated app for some versions of this monitor, and some users may find it lacks the ability to provide deeper insights or track specific devices.
  • Cost Considerations: While the device ultimately provides tools for energy cost savings, the initial purchase price might seem steep to budget-conscious shoppers.

Customer Reviews

The Eyedro Home Energy Monitor is raking in a variety of opinions from users like you. Most find its installation a breeze—something that you can do in minutes if you’re the handy type. You’d appreciate not having to wade through instructions to get started. It’s clear that the convenience factor is a big win.

Monitoring your home’s energy has turned into a genuinely interesting task for many, with users noting a sense of enjoyment in tracking their consumption. If you’re curious about identifying energy hogs in your home, you’ll likely find the wireless version quite handy. Imagine cutting down your energy use by sizeable percentages—that’s performance that could significantly lighten your utility bill.

However, you might want to pay attention to the need for access to electrical wiring and an internet connection that doesn’t falter. Users have mentioned frustrations with internet-dependent features, and in some cases, redundant information that’s already available through local utilities. You won’t be finding a dedicated app yet, which for some, limits deeper insights into energy consumption.

In sum, you’re looking at a product that receives a nod for ease of use and functionality, but with a few nits to pick regarding deeper data analysis and internet connectivity hiccups.

Comparing the Eyedro Home Energy Monitor with similar products

When you’re considering a home energy monitoring system, the Eyedro offers a real-time look at your home’s electrical usage with an easy-to-navigate cloud platform at MyEyedro.com. It’s not the only player in the market, though.

Comparable systems like Sense Energy Monitor and the Emporia Vue also give insights into electricity consumption. Sense boasts a machine learning feature that identifies devices in your home, providing detailed usage information, which is something Eyedro doesn’t explicitly offer. However, this technology comes at a premium, making Sense a costlier option.

Emporia Vue, on the other hand, is a more wallet-friendly choice. It provides similar real-time monitoring and solar integration like Eyedro, but users have mentioned it lacks the same level of hardware build quality and may not capture the rapid spikes that high-drawing appliances can create.

Each device offers a different approach to installation and data presentation. Eyedro uses Ethernet or WiFi for connectivity and focuses on a detailed breakdown of costs and usage, especially beneficial if you’re utilizing solar energy.

Sense relies on a WiFi connection and integrates with smart home systems for a more automated home energy experience. In contrast, Emporia Vue is more hands-on, focusing on budget-friendly monitoring with less emphasis on the software experience.

When deciding, consider what’s most important for you: the granularity of data, ease of installation, smart home integration, or price. Remember, all these systems aim to help you understand and reduce your energy consumption; it’s about finding the right fit for your home and lifestyle.


Considering the Eyedro Home Energy Monitor, it’s clear that the device’s ease of installation and user-friendliness stand out—owners have found it can be set up in a matter of minutes, with some not needing to consult the instructions. You might appreciate its real-time tracking capabilities, which offer insights into your energy consumption, allowing you to identify wasteful uses and potentially reduce your electric bills by a noticeable margin.

However, it’s important to consider that having access to your home’s wiring is imperative for installation, which might not be convenient for everyone. While the device is adept at providing data, some users have voiced a need for an app or a more intuitive way to label and manage tracked information.

Overall, if you’re tech-savvy and looking to get a handle on your energy usage, the Eyedro appears to be a worthy investment. You’ll benefit from its detailed reports and the potential for long-term savings. Mindful of the occasional gripes about the need for better software support, the device still presents as a solid choice for homeowners who want a clearer picture of where their energy is going.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to the Eyedro Energy Monitor, you might have a few questions before deciding if it’s the right fit for your home. Let’s tackle some of the common queries that pop up for potential users like you.

Is the Eyedro Energy Monitor compatible with my electrical system?

The Eyedro Energy Monitor is designed with versatility in mind, equipped to work with a North American power supply (120VAC). It also includes two 200A sensors, making it suitable for a variety of setups. You can confidently monitor your solar or grid usage, and the product is geared toward indoor electricity monitoring.

Can the Eyedro Energy Monitor be integrated with home assistant platforms?

Integration is a breeze as the Eyedro Energy Monitor offers the flexibility of connecting either by WiFi or Ethernet. With home automation becoming increasingly popular, the ability to integrate devices is important. Although not explicitly specified, devices that support WiFi or Ethernet should technically be able to communicate with various home assistant platforms.

Does the Eyedro Energy Monitor support multiple users or households?

Many modern gadgets offer the capability to support multiple users, and the Eyedro Energy Monitor fits into this category. Its platform, My.Eyedro.Com, is robust enough to handle data access from different users. This is particularly handy in situations where you might have multiple stakeholders needing insights into the energy consumption of the same household.

How often should I calibrate or update the Eyedro Energy Monitor?

Staying up to date is essential for accuracy and the Eyedro Energy Monitor is no different. Regular updates are part of its design to ensure you are always getting precise readings and the latest features. The cloud-based software, MyEyedro, which comes with your hardware at no additional subscription fee, is constantly refined to provide you with the most current experience. Calibration specifics are not directly mentioned, but as a general rule of thumb with such devices, occasional checks for accuracy are advisable.

Remember, the value of a product like this lies in its ability to offer real-time data, enabling you to get a handle on your electricity consumption and potentially save on those bills. While the Eyedro Energy Monitor seems to have a solid backing with its user-friendly interface and no fuss installation, it’s the practical application and experience that truly counts. Keep these FAQs in mind as you consider whether this monitor aligns with your energy management goals.