Energy Star Dehumidifier – Specifications and Advantages

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Dehumidifiers play an important role in the removal of moisture, odours and bacteria from the surrounding air in your household. An Energy Star dehumidifier possesses more efficient refrigeration coils, compressors, and fans unlike conventional models.

This equates to lesser energy, by up to 15%, utilised to remove moisture. This energy saved can in fact power an Energy Star refrigerator for 5 months.

Some dehumidifiers that qualify for Energy-Star include the Frigidaire FAD704DUD and Frigidaire FAD504DUD. Dehumidfiers can also be separated into their capacity for water removal ranging from 30 to 70 pints.

Dehumidifiers Key Product Criteria

Dehumidifiers1. Energy efficiency of a dehumidifier is measured in litres of water removed per kilowatt-hour of energy consumed (L/kWh).
2. To qualify for Energy Star, values should range from ≥ 1.20 to ≥ 1.80 L/kWh for standard capacity units,
and ≥ 2.50 L/kWh for high capacity units.


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(Download the List of Energy Star Dehumidfiers here)

(Last Updated 12th August 2012)


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