EcoSmart ECO 27 Tankless Water Heater Review: best Electric Heater?

ecosmart eco 27

If you’re on the quest for efficiency and sustainability in your home, it’s smart to consider the EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater with advanced self modulating technology. It’s a tankless electric unit designed to provide hot water on demand without hogging space for a large single family home. Optimized for high-demand, it steps up the game for houses in cooler regions or for those with large tubs needing a consistent and copious hot water supply.

Eco-friendly gadgets like the EcoSmart ECO 27 are not only kind to the environment by cutting down on energy use, but also on your utility bills. The self-modulating technology of this water heater ensures that it only uses the energy necessary to heat the amount of water you need, when you need it. It’s a smart choice for both your wallet and the planet.

The decision to review this product came from a need to help people like you find an energy-efficient, reliable water heater. Feedback from users has struck a balance between praises for its performance and notes about installation requirements, reflecting an honest picture of what to expect.

Bottom Line

When it comes to streamlining your hot water needs, the EcoSmart ECO 27 stands out. It promises energy savings, endless hot water, and a compact design to free up your space. Ideal for homes that place high demands on hot water, this might just be the upgrade you need.

Curious to give your home the hot water it deserves while being eco-conscious? Check out the EcoSmart ECO 27 on Amazon and make the switch to smarter heating.

Features and Specifications of EcoSmart Eco 27

When opting for a water heater, the convenience factor of having hot water ready at any moment is crucial. The EcoSmart Eco 27 offers not just limitless hot water supply but tailors it to your preferred temperature, maintaining it with precision within one degree.

The compact and advanced design shines in saving space, occupying 90% less room than a traditional tank heater. It’s small enough to install almost anywhere, whether on the wall or at the point of use.

Energy efficiency is where this model really stands out. The unit’s 99% energy efficiency rating means you’re heating water only when necessary, potentially cutting your water heating costs by up to 50% as per the Department of Energy’s comments.

Sized for convenience, the heater can manage a flow between 2.7 to 6.5 gallons per minute, depending on the inlet water temperature. This makes it a suitable choice for a whole home application. Just check the sizing map to make sure it matches your needs.

The Eco 27 commits to durability with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on its electronics, exchanger, and element—peace of mind with your purchase.

On the tech side, it comes equipped with an LED display and eye digital temperature control, allowing for incremental adjustments to your water’s heat.

You’ll need a robust electrical panel, ideally 200 Amps, and the installation requires three 40 Amp double pole breakers to operate safely and effectively.

The unit is a solid choice for those looking to modernize their home’s hot water system with a smart, efficient, and space-saving solution.

Ecosmart Eco 27 Performance Review

Taking the leap into a tankless electric water heater can be quite the decision, but the Eco 27 is a contender that demands attention.

Its performance strikes a pleasing balance between efficiency and power, which is a boon for those looking to save on energy costs while still enjoying plentiful hot water.

It is perfect for a large Roman-style and Jacuzzi tub or high demand of hot water between multiple applications, even in colder climates.

In warm climates, the ECO 27 can run four showers and a sink simultaneously without running out of hot water.

Your experience with this heater may vary depending on local groundwater temperatures, but it’s designed to adjust to your needs. Imagine getting that perfectly warm shower even when it’s chilly outside, thanks to its capable 27-kW output. Users appreciate the unit’s practical temperature control – tweaking settings is straightforward and intuitive.

However, keep in mind that installing the Eco 27 involves a hefty electrical setup, requiring 220v wiring and several heavy-duty breakers. While this may add to the initial cost, the investment could pay off with long-term energy savings. Efficiency-wise, compared to traditional tanks, you’ll likely notice the difference in how quickly it heats water and its reduced power draw.

Some might find more suitable options for their specific needs within the EcoSmart lineup, suggesting it’s important to match the unit size precisely to your situation. If going tankless is your next home improvement, the Eco 27 might just be the upgrade that your daily routines deserve.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to making your abode more efficient and convenient, the EcoSmart ECO 27 has some notable advantages and a few drawbacks worth considering.


  • Endless Hot Water: You’ll appreciate the continuous flow of hot water, ensuring you never have to endure a cold shower if you’re the last one to wake up.
  • Space Saving: Its compact size is a game-changer, freeing up space in your home because it’s 90% smaller compared to traditional tank heaters.
  • High Energy Efficiency: At 99% thermal energy efficient, this water heater is smart about energy use, heating water only when needed which could translate to substantial savings on your bills.
  • Controlled Comfort: Enjoy precise temperature control. With the ability to adjust in one-degree increments, you can dial in the exact temperature you prefer.
  • Lifetime Warranty: For peace of mind, EcoSmart offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the electronics, exchanger, and element of the heater.
  • Eco-Friendly: Replacing a traditional tank with this could save up to 12 cubic feet of storage space, making your home feel less cluttered.


  • Installation Requirements: Make sure your electrical system can handle it. You’ll need three separate 40 Amp Double Pole Breakers and at least a 200 Amp electrical panel.
  • Cost of Installation: Upgrading the electrical infrastructure for some might be pricey due to the required 220v connection and hefty cabling.
  • Ground Water Temperature Consideration: Do check your area’s ground water temperature as it affects the efficiency of the unit. It works best in warm climates. However, it may not perform as well in colder climates without the proper sizing.
  • Initial Investment: The upfront cost could be a factor, although it’s often offset by long-term energy savings.
  • Learning Curve: Adjusting to a tankless system from a traditional one might take some time, especially in understanding the demands it places on your home’s electrical system.

Ecosmart Eco 27 Comparisons

When shopping for a tankless water heater, you’ll find the Eco 27 competes closely with other models like the Rheem RTEX-18 and the Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus. Let’s see how it stacks up against these rivals.

One major win for the Eco 27 is its vast coverage for whole-home applications. It offers an impressive flow rate that can handle multiple showers and appliances simultaneously, something the Rheem RTEX-18 struggles to keep up with.

In terms of energy efficiency, the Eco 27 stands out with its claim of up to 99% thermal energy efficiency, promising significant savings on your electric bill. This is quite comparable to the Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus, which is also highly efficient, but the Eco 27 edges ahead with a slightly higher efficiency rate.

Installation is a point to consider. The Eco 27 needs a hefty 200-amp electrical panel and three 40-amp breakers, which might mean an upgrade from your current setup. This is more demanding than the Rheem RTEX-18, which might make the latter more appealing if your current electrical system can’t support the demands of the Eco 27.

Price-wise, the Eco 27 generally offers great value, especially considering its lifetime warranty—an appealing prospect for long-term peace of mind. While all models offer considerable energy savings and on-demand hot water, your choice might boil down to the specific demands of your home and preferences in installation and warranty coverage.

Sustainability Aspect of Ecosmart Eco 27

When you’re considering a tankless water heater, it’s important to think about its impact on the environment. The Eco 27 stands out for its dedication to energy efficiency. With an impressive 99.8% energy efficiency rating, you can relax knowing that almost every bit of electricity is being used directly to heat your water, without significant waste.

This precision in energy consumption not only benefits the planet by reducing electricity usage but also translates to potential savings on your energy bills.

Unlike traditional tank heaters, which keep water hot 24/7, the Eco 27 heats water on demand. That means it only uses energy when you actually need hot water, making it a smart choice for the eco-conscious.

By opting for this tankless heater, you’re supporting a decrease in the carbon footprint, as less energy used means fewer carbon emissions. The impact of your choice extends beyond your utility bills; it’s a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Energy conservation becomes more intuitive with the Eco 27’s digital temperature control. This feature allows you to set the temperature precisely to your needs, which helps to prevent excess energy consumption. All these factors make the Eco 27 a thoughtful choice for those who prioritize environmental sustainability while enjoying the convenience of continuous hot water.

Customer Perspectives

Exploring the EcoSmart ECO 27, we find a mixed bag of feelings from users. On the upside, many are thrilled with the energy savings and the efficiency of heating they experience. You’ll appreciate the sleek design that frees up space, replacing bulky traditional water heaters. On the practical side, selecting and adjusting the temperature is a breeze, a feature that’s generally well-received.

However, a few customers have faced hurdles with installation, citing the electrical setup as somewhat complex and potentially costly due to the 220v requirement and heavy-duty wiring. For those of you with more modest needs, the ECO 27 may seem overwhelming. In fact, some have opted for a less powerful model after finding it too robust for their specific circumstances.

Longevity seems to be a strong suit, as users report reliable function even after nine months of use in multi-bathroom homes. And if you have a property abroad, rest assured, as there are reports of the EcoSmart ECO 27 adequately serving multiple showers without any hiccups.

Overall, while it shines for its efficiency and space-saving design, make sure to consider the installation requirements and power capacity that align with your demands before making your decision.

Warranty and Trust

When considering the EcoSmart ECO 27, it’s reassuring to know that the brand stands behind their product with a solid warranty. Your peace of mind comes from knowing that if anything goes awry, you’re covered. EcoSmart generally provides a decent warranty on their tankless water heaters, which can be a big plus when investing in home appliances.

Sometimes navigating warranty claims can be complex with other products, but EcoSmart’s customer service has been highlighted for its supportiveness in resolving issues. Although, it’s always wise to read the fine print and understand the terms. Some users have experienced challenges, particularly with installation which, if done incorrectly, could affect warranty claims.

Your trust in a product goes beyond its immediate performance; knowing that the company will assist you if there’s an issue truly enhances confidence in your purchase.

The ECO 27 comes with a strong record of reliability and customer satisfaction, as evidenced by numerous positive online reviews. However, always keep in mind the importance of professional installation to ensure your warranty remains valid and to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Installation Essentials

Getting your EcoSmart ECO 27 up and running doesn’t require a Ph.D. in engineering, but there are a few key points you’ll want to ensure are in place for a smooth setup. Firstly, it’s imperative to have the necessary electrical requirements, including three 40 Amp double pole breakers and an electrical panel that can handle 200 Amps.

Remember, your EcoSmart heater is designed to be compact and can be mounted on a wall, saving you space. However, its place of installation should be easily accessible for maintenance and close to points of use to maximize efficiency.

To get the best of the heater’s performance, find an installation spot with a proper inlet water temperature, so the flow rates enable cozy showers and snappy dishwashing without a shiver.

The EcoSmart ECO 27 demands precision in water heating, offering a digital LED display for a 1-degree increment control, tailoring your showering experience just how you like it. Despite the need for a properly sized electrical supply, the good news is that there is no need for bulky batteries, as this is a fully electric unit.

Lastly, it’s reassuring to know you’re covered with a comprehensive lifetime warranty on electronics, exchanger, and elements of your EcoSmart. The peace of mind that comes with good coverage is as warm as the endless hot water you’ll enjoy with this heater. Keep in mind, the warranty doesn’t include labor, so have a skilled electrician on hand for installation to ensure all is well from day one.

Final Thoughts

Considering everything, the EcoSmart ECO 27 stands out for its heating efficiency and user-friendly temperature control. If you’re looking to save on energy costs or free up space where a bulky tank once was, this tankless water heater could be a game-changer for you.

However, the installation is not a minor consideration – the 220v electrical required wire with heavy-duty wiring and 40 amp breakers means additional costs and possibly professional help.

The unit has performed well for those with the correct sizing for their needs, factoring in local groundwater temperatures. It has received praise for its performance across various households. While some initially faced challenges in adjusting power for their specific situation, the switch to a lower or higher model within the brand was a solution for some.

With a decent average rating reflecting a generally positive consensus, the EcoSmart ECO 27 is a reliable choice for those living in condos or homes with multiple bathrooms. If ensuring consistent hot water delivery and maximizing energy efficiency are high on your list, this model could be just what you need.