Earth 4 Energy Review

Published in Uncategorized on 28th November 2010

Currently there are increasing numbers of e-books and online websites that offer information and fabrication plans for DIY enthusiasts totap into solar energy for electricity generation. Why solar energy is so popular?

To sum it up briefly, solar energy is free and present everywhere in unlimited supplies. Plus its ease of conversion into usable electricity via solar panels is also one of the reasons.

One such popular product that has been mentioned is Earth 4 Energy that was developed by Mr Michael Harvey and his team. Here’s a sneak preview video of what Earth 4 Energy is about:

With this in mind, I summarise the benefits of this e-book below in my Earth 4 Energy review to let you get a better idea of this product.

Benefits of owning the Earth 4 Energy

Downloadable e-book

The 73pp Earth 4 Energy is offered as a downloadable e-book that allows you to carry it around be it in your laptop or in a USB drive.

Ease of Reading

This e-book is written in a straight forward and easy to read manner that is perfect for both experienced and complete newbie homeowners to solar energy. There is also a dedicated chapter in explaining the concept behind solar energy and how to tap it using solar panels.

Workable Plans

The installation and wiring plans offered in Earth 4 Energy actually works as seen from the many positive reviews by real customers. From these plans, you can actually assemble and build your own solar panels for as little as USD200. To supplement the plans, clear recorded step-by-step videos are also provided to show you the actual process of building and soldering your solar cells. A picture does speak a thousand words!

Useful Accessories

A solar calculator is also provided to help you calculate the required number of panels for powering your home and the batteries required to go off-grid. Solar credits and tax rebates forms are also available for you to print and claim rebates or tax credits from the government. Note: the forms may differ from country to country basis, so be sure to check what relevant forms are required for your country.

Free Bonuses

Upon purchasing the Earth 4 Energy, you are entitled to a full package that teaches you to build a wind turbine worth USD 49. This package includes a step-by-step guide, wind maps, to generate electricity for under USD 150.

Besides this, there is also set of informative videos worth USD 99 that tells you all you need to know about solar energy is also given to you as part of the free bonuses as well. All these bonuses also make your efforts to generate green energy an all-round one.

Green Lifestyle

Installing a solar panel or wind turbine to generate renewable electricity for your household is also a way of saving the Earth. By reducing your usage of electricity from the grid that is primarily generated from coal-fired power stations you are also lowering your carbon footprint.

Money Making Business

Besides leading a green lifestyle, having projects like working solar panels will also enhance the values of your property making it more saleable. Having the Earth 4 Energy e-book also could also be a source of income; you can make a solar panel for under USD 200 and sell it for a higher price like USD 500. That is a USD 300 profit!

Legit Product

The Earth 4 Energy e-book is a legit product offered under ClickBank, the Internet leading retailer of digital products. There is a 60 days money back guarantee that comes with this product thus eliminating the fear of buying scam products offered by dishonest merchants.

In Conclusion…

From the positive testimonials, especially from 43 normal male and female people, who have no prior knowledge of solar energy; they will able to build their own functional solar panels to generate electricity for their appliances after given the Earth 4 Energy e-book, we can conclude that this is a workable and legit product.

So if you are interested, here is the link to the official website: Earth 4 Energy  





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