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Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual Review

Published in Uncategorized on 5th September 2011

Besides green energy products, the practise of green living also includes the consumption of organic vegetables. One good method is to grow organic vegetables of your own. I was introduced recently to this product by a friend, who knew I was interested in green living. The “Organic Food Gardening Beginner’s Manual” by Julie Villaci teaches readers to […]

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Woodworking 4 Home Review

Published in Uncategorized on 4th April 2011

One good way to engage in green living is to build your own furniture. However to start you will require good and accurate woodworking plans. True you may argue that these plans are also available for free online… but these plans are often inaccurate with no guarantees on their workability! So it was this issue […]

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Free Energy Options Review

Published in Uncategorized on 12th March 2011

Welcome to my Free Energy Options Review. Free Energy Options is an e-Book that was created by Alan Hopkins – a qualified mechanical engineer who is experienced in solar and wind power studies. He has worked in the area of electricity generation for the US government and major electrical companies. Free Energy Options was created […]

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Magnets 4 Energy Review

Published in Uncategorized on 9th January 2011

Like solar and wind energy, magnetic energy can also be used to generate electricity. It is also not affected by the weather conditions and the location of your home unlike solar and wind energy. This means that you will be getting a consistent supply of electricity that is green and also free! Magnets 4 Energy is a […]

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Earth 4 Energy Review

Published in Uncategorized on 28th November 2010

Currently there are increasing numbers of e-books and online websites that offer information and fabrication plans for DIY enthusiasts totap into solar energy for electricity generation. Why solar energy is so popular? To sum it up briefly, solar energy is free and present everywhere in unlimited supplies. Plus its ease of conversion into usable electricity […]

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How to Build Solar Panels of Your Own !

Published in Green Information, Uncategorized on 17th October 2010

Solar energy have been an integral part of space discovery by providing power via solar panels made up of solar cells for our unmanned satellites. Due to advances in technology, it is also now available for us to tap and produce our own electricity for home use. So how to build solar panels? You will require tools and at least a […]

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