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Find out how to engage in green living by making changes in your household décor and appliances. In doing so, it will allow you to have a green and safe household.

Importance of an organised fridge

Published in Green Living Tips, Household tips on 1st February 2015

Having the problem of a cluttered fridge? You might want to give it a much needed clean up. Besides helping to keep it neat, organising your refrigerator will also help in boosting its cooling efficiency; reduce consumption of power and helps in preventing cross-contamination that might lead to food-poisoning.   Maintaining an organised refrigerator is not […]

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6 Air Purifying House Plants

Published in Green Living Tips, Household tips on 13th April 2013

Here is a list of 6 air purifying house plants that are great in the removal of harmful VOCs or gases in the air from your surroundings!

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Green Household Products – What You Need to Know

Published in Green Living Tips, Household tips on 23rd December 2012

Ways to lower the carbon footprint of your household include projects or improvements that you can undertake to make your household greener. Besides the installation of solar panels and wind turbines, an easier way will be to purchase green alternatives as opposed to the conventional models. These green alternatives are often certified under initiatives like the Energy […]

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Green Living Room Tips

Published in Green Living Tips, Household tips on 22nd May 2011

The living room is an important area where many activities like entertaining guests, watching television programs take place in your household. Hence it is important that it takes place in a conducive environment. Below are some tips for you to consider and build your green living room.  Flooring and carpets Select natural materials with safe […]

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Green Living Tips To Adopt For A Green Home

Published in Green Living Tips, Household tips on 7th April 2011

Do you want to have a “green home” right about now?  Below are some green living tips that you can undertake almost immediately in your respective rooms in your home without much costs incurred. To start off you can look at your… Lighting For Your Rooms If the bulbs you use are the old incandescent style make […]

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