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At this section of my website, I will provide factual information about a wide range of subjects that can help one to engage in green living and how to go about doing it.

Front loader or Top Loader? Some Points to Consider

Published in Buying Guide, Green Information on 19th January 2013

Getting a top loader or front loader washing machine can be a decision that one has to take into consideration if you are planning to get a new unit for your household. Below are some general points that one should consider before purchasing a washing machine be it a top loader or front loader. Size of Your […]

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Water Saving Showerheads: Some points to consider…

Published in Buying Guide, Green Information on 24th December 2012

For our section on water saving shower heads, Green Energy Helps have provided a summary on points relevant to interested consumers.

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Plastic Resin Codes Demystified

Published in Green Information on 13th November 2012

Ever wonder about the numbered triangle on a plastic bottle or packaging. Learn and understand these plastic resin codes in my list here!

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Energy Star Dehumidifier – Specifications and Advantages

Published in Buying Guide, Green Information on 12th August 2012

In this part of my site, I have provided some information, advantages of installing one and the specifications of a Energy Star dehumidifier.

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Propane as a Source of Fuel… A Feasible Choice?

Published in Green Information on 22nd April 2012

Propane is a three-carbon alkane (C3H8) is a fossil fuel that exists normally a gas but can also be compressed into liquid form and stored in propane tanks for easy transportation. Together with natural gas, it has been touted as an alternative fuel source besides the renewable and green energy recommended. Keeping this in mind, I have […]

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Advantages of Natural Gas

Published in Green Information on 14th April 2012

What is Natural Gas? As the name suggests, natural gas comprises of a mixture of gases made up of mainly methane and small amounts of butane and propane1. Methane, by itself is odourless, colourless and tasteless. However a chemical odorant called mercaptan, which smells like rotten eggs, is added by chemical companies to aid detection […]

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Want to Buy a Tankless Water Heater? 8 points to consider

Published in Buying Guide, Green Information on 29th March 2012

A tankless water heater might be a green product but before you get it, be sure to read the below 6 points that I have summarised and feel that they should be considered before you buy a tankless water heater in your household. This will be “extra important” if you have a tank water heater […]

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9 Top Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Published in Green Information on 18th February 2012

1. Cost-saving benefits This is mainly due to no costs incurred as no standby power is required, as in conventional tank water heaters, to keep the water in the storage tank heated constantly. This is also a green feature as lesser wastage of power is incurred and so lesser requirement for electricity in the long […]

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How to Build Wind Turbine of Your Own !

Published in Green Information on 17th October 2010

Wind energy is also a source of green energy that can be converted into electricity by wind turbines. Home owners can build wind turbine to generate up to 20kW of electricity that can power a small US household. Any surplus power generated can also be sold back to the utility company to generate income. Before […]

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How to Build Solar Panels of Your Own !

Published in Green Information, Uncategorized on 17th October 2010

Solar energy have been an integral part of space discovery by providing power via solar panels made up of solar cells for our unmanned satellites. Due to advances in technology, it is also now available for us to tap and produce our own electricity for home use. So how to build solar panels? You will require tools and at least a […]

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