Category: Green Energy

Green energy are made up of natural sources and those with minimal /no toxic emissions. Natural sources include renewable sources from the sun, wind, water and geothermal energy. Sources with minimal/no emissions include propane and biofuels. Find out more about green energy here!

Water Energy Facts

Water energy or Hydroenergy is one of the potential energy sources that can form part of the solution in reducing the dependence on fossil fuels in the generation of electricity. It is also considered...

A thing about Green Energy

Green energy can be defined as a form of energy that has very minimal carbon footprint. What is carbon footprint? Carbon footprint is commonly defined as the amount of greenhouse gas emissions consisting of...

Geothermal Energy Facts

Geothermal energy is defined as heat from within the Earth2. It is another source of renewable energy that is present in the form of geothermal reservoirs. Geothermal reservoirs are essentially pools of water that seep into...

Green Energy Facts

Find out the advantages of green energy and its increasing role in replacing fossil fuels in the never ending production of energy for our usage.

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