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First generation biofuels

Published in Biofuels, First generation biofuels on 30th January 2021

First generation biofuels like ethanol (bioethanol) and biodiesel are produced from mostly edible biomass[2][16]. This biomass sources are divided into two main groups; sugar and starch crops. The main sugar crops grown are sugar cane and sugar beet while for starch crops, the main types cultivated are corn and wheat. Other marginal feedstock utilised include […]

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Biofuel facts

Published in Biofuels on 26th January 2021

Introduction Biofuel is fuel obtained from both edible and inedible biomass (feedstock). Two common types of biofuel are ethanol (bioethanol) and biodiesel. Their mode of production are divided into generations depending on their source of feedstock. There is also a fourth generation that involved production of biofuels using scientific technological advances like bioengineering for production. […]

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