Category: Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative fuel sources consist of cleaner alternatives, besides renewable energy sources, that are present either naturally like natural gas or as a by-product like propane. Natural gas is the cleanest among the fossil fuels that includes coal and crude oil in terms of emission. There are currently untapped supplies that are present in shale formations and the bottom of the sea. While for propane, it is currently available in abundance with the main producers like Canada and the United States.

Another fuel source is biomass fuels which consists of a few types like biodiesel, bioethanol and biogas. The difference between these fuels is the production source which can range from crops like corn to even garbage. I have provided some information about these fuel sources in this section of my page.

Biomass Fuels Facts

Interested in alternative energy sources? Find out about biomass fuels that is fast gaining in popularity due to its versatility and also potentially high yield in returns!

Advantages of Natural Gas

What is Natural Gas? As the name suggests, natural gas comprises of a mixture of gases made up of mainly methane and small amounts of butane and propane1. Methane, by itself is odourless, colourless...

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