Best Portable Tankless Water Heater: Top Picks for On-the-Go Hot Water

best portable tankless water heater

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Warm water is one of those little comforts that can greatly affect daily life, especially when you’re on the move or far from conventional amenities.

Whether you’re camping, spending a day at the beach, or you have an off-grid lifestyle, having access to hot water when you need it is a game-changer.

Enter portable tankless water heaters: compact, efficient devices designed to provide hot water without the constraints of a fixed, bulky storage tank.

These heaters are not just about comfort; there are practical benefits too. Tankless systems mean you’re not waiting for a whole tank to warm up – they heat water on demand.

This not only saves time but also energy, making them an eco-friendly choice for the environmentally conscious. Furthermore, their compactness and portability mean you can pack a tankless water heater almost anywhere, ready to hook up to a power source and water supply whenever needed.

When considering a portable tankless system, your main focuses should be the energy source, heating capacity, flow rate, and safety features.

Some run on propane, others on electricity, and what you choose will depend on your access to these resources while on the go.

You’ll want to ensure it can produce a sufficient flow of hot water for your needs, be it for washing dishes, showering, or other tasks. Safety is critical, so look for features like automatic shut-offs and proper ventilation to prevent accidents.

Choosing the best portable tankless water heater is about balancing your needs with the features and safety measures available.

Selecting the right one promises the welcoming embrace of warm water, even when you’re far from the typical trappings of civilization.

Now, let’s step into the warmth as we explore some of the top contenders that could make your next outdoor experience or remote adventure a little more comfortable.

How We Chose The Top Portable Tankless Water Heater

When selecting the finest portable tankless water heaters for your needs, ease of use and portability were paramount. These units should be lightweight and compact, making it a breeze to bring comfort with you on your weekend getaway.

Key factors considered:

  • Heating Efficiency: The speed at which a unit can heat water is crucial. Look for high BTUs to ensure a swift and consistent supply of hot water.
  • Flow Rate: Measured in gallons per minute (GPM), a higher flow rate means more hot water for multiple uses, such as showering or washing dishes simultaneously.
  • Energy Source: A majority of portable units run on propane for convenience, but we also looked for energy-efficient models to ensure you’re not frequently changing fuel sources.

Regard for durability was non-negotiable. Your water heater needs to withstand the elements, so a solid build and weather resistance were top on the checklist.

Safety features are crucial, including automatic shut-off, overheat protection, and secure handling options. Your well-being is as important as the comfort these heaters provide.

Versatility and accessibility were also considered. The heaters chosen are adaptable to varying water sources and come with clear instructions for set up and use, ensuring a friendly experience, even if you’re new to portable water heating.

Heating EfficiencyHigh
Flow RateHigh
Energy SourceMedium
Safety FeaturesHigh

With these criteria in mind, you’ll find heaters that excel in function and reliability to make your selection process effortless.

Top Picks for Portable Tankless Water Heaters

Whether you’re out camping, in your RV, or simply in need of hot water on the go, a portable tankless water heater can be a game-changer.

These innovative devices offer you the convenience of instant hot water wherever you are, without the bulk and hassle of traditional water heaters.

No more shivering while waiting for water to heat up; just enjoy a steady stream of warmth at your fingertips. Get ready to elevate your outdoor adventures or home-improvement projects with one of the fantastic options listed below.

Camplux Portable Water Heater

If you enjoy camping or need a hot shower in off-grid settings, your search may be over with this Camplux heater.


  • Portability matched with ease of use
  • Equipped with multiple safety features
  • Suitable for areas with low water pressure


  • Requires D batteries which are not included
  • Not designed to handle freezing temperatures without proper drainage
  • Instructions must be carefully followed to avoid gas leakage

The Camplux Portable Water Heater is a smart solution for adventurers and homeowners alike. It’s especially handy when you’re living off the grid or want the convenience of hot water while camping.

Weighing just 10 pounds and furnished with a foldable handle, its design is both compact and allows for easy transportation, allowing you to set up a hot shower wherever you wander.

This device stands out for its versatility in low-pressure environments. Starting at just 3.0 PSI, it’s perfect for rural areas where standard water heaters might struggle.

Add to that the piece of mind due to its 6-in-1 protection features, including anti-freezing and over-heating safeguards, and you have a water heater that doesn’t just provide comfort but prioritizes your safety.

When you aren’t using it, make sure to drain the heater properly to prevent freeze damage – a necessary step as this isn’t covered by the warranty.

Keep in mind that while the setup can be straightforward, it’s crucial to read and adhere to the instructions to prevent gas leaks, ensuring a safe and enjoyable hot water experience.

GASLAND Outdoors BE158

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast in search of hot water at a moment’s notice, this compact solution is designed with your adventures in mind.


  • Impressive portability for on-the-go hot water needs.
  • Advanced safety features provide peace of mind.
  • LED display for easy temperature monitoring.


  • Not suitable for prolonged exposure to harsh weather.
  • Requires access to propane and batteries for operation.
  • Limited flow rate may not be ideal for high-usage demands.

Thinking of heading to the great outdoors but worried about access to hot water?

GASLAND’s portable tankless water heater presents a reliable solution for those spontaneous camping trips, remote cabin stays, or any situation away from the comforts of home plumbing.

The advanced safety protection system this unit offers adds a layer of security that is crucial, especially in less controlled environments.

Features like over-heating and high water pressure protection ensure that your water heating is safely managed without constant supervision.

Despite these impressive safety precautions, keep in mind that the GASLAND heater’s efficiency is contingent on weather conditions.

While it is resilient enough to manage a slight drizzle, steady rain or exposure can compromise its functionality. Also, bear in mind that operation relies entirely on having a propane tank and batteries, which means extra items to pack and maintain.

Understanding that the flow rate serves well for moderate needs but may fall short during simultaneous or high-demand tasks is also essential.

The 1.58 gallons per minute output will get you comfortably through a shower or dishwashing, but it may not cope as well with multiple simultaneous demands.

In summary, if you’re a happy camper, DIY enthusiast, or anyone who frequently finds themselves in need of hot water on the go, the GASLAND Outdoors BE158 is a worthy companion.

It’s easy to set up and even easier to use, so you can enjoy those creature comforts while surrounded by nature.

Forimo Portable Propane Heater

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or living off-grid, the Forimo Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater offers a reliable source of hot water.


  • Environmentally friendly with energy-saving technology
  • Highly portable for ease of use across various outdoor settings
  • Comes with complete accessories for immediate use


  • Suboptimal for use in stable, non-mobile settings due to portability focus
  • Gas consumption may be higher compared to non-portable units
  • Potential for operational issues as reflected in mixed user reviews

In the thrall of nature or the confines of an RV, instant access to hot water can be a game-changer. Forimo offers you that very advantage with their Portable Propane Heater. Its portable design makes it a go-to option for wanderers and adventurers.

Lightweight yet sturdy, it’s built to provide rapid, endless hot water wherever your travels take you.

Imagine finishing a long hike and having the luxury of a warm shower right at your campsite. The Forimo heater achieves this with a propane-driven system, which, according to the brand, is also energy-efficient.

This benefit can be especially crucial when you are far from conventional power sources and are relying on eco-friendly solutions.

Despite the undeniable convenience, it’s essential to weigh this against potential drawbacks. Portability may mean that the heater is not best suited for permanent setups.

Additionally, as reviews suggest, while the device might work flawlessly for many, some have reported operational inconsistencies.

Considering the heater’s performance capabilities, the apparent energy savings, and the full set of accessories – which allow for immediate setup and use – the Forimo Portable Propane Heater stands out as a sound choice for those who prioritize mobility and on-the-spot hot water access.

However, one should be mindful of some users facing functional challenges, which could potentially dampen the seamless outdoor experience this unit promises to offer.

RUINOPAR Portable Tankless Heater

If you’re in need of a reliable hot water solution for your outdoor adventures or emergencies, this RUINOPAR might be your match with its on-the-go hot water provision and easy-to-use design.


  • Quick access to hot water without preheating
  • Enhanced safety with multiple protection features
  • Portable and suitable for outdoor use


  • Some users reported issues with durability
  • Installation may be challenging for non-technical users
  • Limited to use with low water pressure systems

This convenient appliance provides instant hot water effortlessly, so whether you’re camping or at the beach, you can enjoy a warm shower without the wait.

It’s especially handy for those who enjoy frequent outdoor activities or live in areas where traditional hot water access is spotty.

Safety is a priority with this heater. It comes equipped with a range of protections, including anti-freeze and high-temperature shutoff, ensuring your peace of mind.

If you cherish security as much as convenience, this might be a compelling feature.

The compact size paired with its lightweight build makes it a cinch to carry around. This is perfect for travelers or anyone who needs a quick hot water solution away from home.

Given its size, storage won’t be an issue either—tuck it away in your RV or any small space.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a fit-and-forget gadget. You’ll need to manage occasional maintenance to ensure it remains in top working condition.

However, if you’re comfortable with hands-on tools and following instructions, maintaining this portable water heater shouldn’t pose much of a challenge.

Flame King’s Portable Propane Wonder

Discover endless hot water with this safety-approved Flame King portable tankless water heater, perfect for your outdoor escapades.


  • Approved safety features ensure peace of mind
  • Lightweight and compact, making it highly portable
  • Generous BTU output with fully adjustable control knobs


  • Requires external batteries that are not included
  • May be challenging to achieve consistent temperature
  • Certain configurations might be needed for optimal performance

Safety comes first when you’re enjoying the great outdoors, and the Flame King water heater doesn’t disappoint with its array of protection features.

You can shower with assurance, knowing that it’s equipped to handle over-pressure, overheating, and more. Plus, its convenience in installation makes it a great companion for camping enthusiasts or pet owners who fancy outdoor baths for their furry friends.

Portability is key for any travel gear, and this tankless water heater fits the bill. Its design allows you to easily take it on road trips or camping adventures without the hassle.

Its controls are the cherry on top; the customizable knobs let you adjust gas and water flow to your liking, ensuring that you’re comfortable regardless of the season.

One of the highlights of this Flame King model is its robust 68,000 BTU output. It stands out from the crowd with the ability to provide a good flow of hot water, which is desirable for those chilly mornings at the campsite.

Comparatively, it competes well with other models in terms of both performance and ease of use, making it a smart choice for a variety of customers, especially those who value convenience and safety.

Sanaugas Portable Heater

For outdoor enthusiasts or those living off-grid, the Sanaugas Portable Heater offers a reliable and safe supply of hot water with its advanced protection features.


  • Instant and efficient hot water supply for immediate comfort
  • Portable and easy to transport for outdoor adventures
  • Comprehensive safety features for peace of mind


  • Batteries needed for operation are not included
  • Not waterproof, protection from the elements required
  • Limited to well-ventilated outdoor use only

The Sanaugas Portable Heater stands out with its ability to provide instant hot water, making it perfect for camping or rural living. Balancing convenience with performance, it meets the needs of those looking to maintain comforts of home in off-grid conditions.

The LED display and simple set-up add to its ease of use, while safety measures like flame failure protection give users confidence in their choice.

Compactness and easy carrying handle make it convenient for travel, yet its design is robust enough to handle low-water-pressure environments often encountered in remote locations. For travelers and outdoor aficionados, having such an accessible device means being able to enjoy warm showers virtually anywhere.

Given the heater is powered by “D” cell batteries and is designed for outdoor use, it’s ideal for individuals with recreational vehicles or those who frequent campsites.

However, it’s important to plan for sheltering the unit from water, as it isn’t waterproof on its own. Overall, the Sanaugas Portable Heater emerges as a contender for anyone needing a dependable hot water source while away from traditional utilities.

TOPWISH Portable Heater

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or need on-the-go hot water, this budget-friendly on demand hot water heater might just be your match.


  • Energy-efficient copper material heats water quickly
  • Enhanced safety with 6-in-1 protection features
  • Compact and portable with easy-to-use handle


  • Might not reach desired high temperatures for all users
  • Potential for leaks if not set up properly
  • Limited customer reviews for comprehensive assessment

Outdoor adventures often require compact and easy-to-use equipment, and this TOPWISH Portable Tankless Water Heater might be a good fit for your needs.

The energy-efficient copper material used in the heat exchanger ensures faster heating and greater durability over time. Safety is a top priority, backed by its CSA certification and 6-in-1 protection system. With the added portability feature of a fold-up handle, you can easily take hot showers whether on a remote campsite or during your RV travels.

However, it is important to consider that some customers have noted it may not achieve the scalding hot temperatures some desire, depending on the environment and setup.

Attention must be paid to installation to prevent any potential leakage from connections. Since the product has a relatively small number of total reviews, it might be harder to gauge consistency across a wide user base.

Weighing its features, the TOPWISH Portable Water Heater stands out with its blend of energy efficiency, portability, and safety measures.

Compared to other products, it offers convenience without the need for a constant power source, thanks to its propane fueling system. That being said, when installing, take special care to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure optimal operation and prevent issues such as gas leaks, which not only threaten performance but also safety.

Sawowkuya Portable Heater

If you enjoy camping or need a reliable source of hot water outdoors, this portable water heater could be a game-changer for your adventures.


  • Quick installation process with all necessary accessories included.
  • Energy-efficient with advanced combustion technology for less gas consumption and noise.
  • Includes safety features like flame failure device and over-heat protection.


  • Limited to outdoor use with a necessity for shelter to protect from water.
  • Runs on batteries that aren’t included.
  • Requires manual pressure adjustment for hotter water.

Gas heaters for outdoor adventures should make life easier, and the Sawowkuya Portable Heater offers a swift setup, promising a stream of hot water in mere minutes.

Its compact size makes it a travel-friendly option, handily accompanying you on trips in your RV or during a camp-out. It ensures that the quaint charm of roasting marshmallows over a campfire isn’t dampened by the dread of a cold shower.

Users serious about their environmental footprint will appreciate the device’s energy-efficient design, utilizing advanced combustion technology to reduce gas consumption and noise.

When you’re enjoying the quiet of the great outdoors, this heater won’t disrupt the serenity. Peel off a day’s grime with ample hot water, thanks to a noteworthy output of 1.58 gallons per minute.

Safety measures are fundamental for any device utilizing gas, and this unit comes packed with precautions. Boasting a flame failure device and over-heating protection, you can relax knowing your hot water solution takes your well-being seriously.

These features place the heater above many competitors on the market, particularly for safety-conscious consumers.

In conclusion, this Sawowkuya Portable Heater rises to the challenge of outdoor hot water needs, offering both efficiency and safety in a compact, easy-to-install design.

Its tailorable water temperature and light weight make it an excellent companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Just remember to bring batteries along and find a cozy spot for it away from the elements.

CoscosX Portable Propane Water Heater

If you’re a fan of camping or need an off-grid hot water solution, this could be a convenient choice.


  • Foldable handle and bracket for easy portability and installation
  • Digital display for easy monitoring of water temperatures
  • Comprehensive safety features including overheat and anti-freeze protection


  • Only a few customer reviews available to gauge long-term reliability
  • Requires outdoor installation due to the need for flue exhaust pipe
  • Powered by D-type batteries which might be an additional item to keep in stock

This water heater from CoscosX brings comfort to your adventurous life outdoors. It’s an excellent pick for campers, RV enthusiasts, or anyone needing a flexible, portable hot water solution.

The ability to quickly and efficiently deliver hot water can significantly enhance your outdoor experiences, from rinsing off gear to taking a satisfying shower.

Despite being portable, the heater has a sturdy design complete with a digital display that lets you monitor water temperature at a glance.

Its foldable handle and back bracket make moving and mounting it a breeze, which is great news when you’re setting up camp after a long hike.

The safety features are a standout for this water heater. Overheat protection keeps the unit from getting too hot, while antifreeze protection ensures it operates smoothly in colder conditions.

Low flow and flame fault protections are thoughtful inclusions that maintain the unit’s functionality and your peace of mind.

In short, if you’re often off-grid and the comforts of hot water are a non-negotiable, the CoscosX portable propane water heater is worth considering.

It promises convenience, though do keep in mind its need for external batteries and the outdoor installation requirement.

Kohree Portable Propane Heater

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and people living off-grid, this heater delivers consistent hot water on demand.


  • Heats water instantly with high BTU output
  • Features multiple safety protections
  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability


  • Requires batteries that are not included
  • Only one customer review available for reference
  • May have difficulty functioning in extremely windy conditions

For those who seek the comfort of a hot shower while camping or living in a remote location, the Kohree Portable Propane Heater steps up to the task.

Its compact design doesn’t come at the expense of power, delivering 1.58 gallons per minute of hot water almost instantly.

Its inclusion of extensive safety features, such as overheat and anti-freezing protection, provides peace of mind, which is especially valuable in environments where professional help may be miles away.

Not only is it safe, but it’s also user-friendly, with a design tailored to provide comfort in the great outdoors.

However, it’s worth noting the necessity of batteries for operation and the reliance on user self-installation, which may deter those who aren’t handy.

Nevertheless, if you’re venturing where plumbing facilities are scarce, this heater’s capacity for providing warm water wherever you are outweighs these caveats.

Remember, the heater’s robust performance recommends it for off-grid homes, cabins, and RVs. Its portability is also a plus — an asset that cannot be overstated when considering the logistics of travel.

Overall, Kohree offers a compelling solution for on-the-go hot water needs.

Buying Guide

Flow Rate

Before purchasing a portable tankless water heater, consider the Flow Rate, which is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). This determines how much hot water it can produce.

  • Low demand: 1-2 GPM
  • Medium demand: 2-3 GPM
  • High demand: 3+ GPM

Temperature Rise

Another crucial aspect is the Temperature Rise. This measures the heater’s ability to increase the water temperature at a given flow rate. Calculate the difference between your incoming water temperature and your desired output temperature.

  • Cold climates: Look for a higher temperature rise capability.
  • Warmer climates: A lower temperature rise will suffice.

Fuel Type

Consider the Fuel Type the heater uses. The common options are:

  • Electric: Needs a power source, typically more compact.
  • Propane: Requires propane tanks, often for higher heating capabilities.


Since it’s a portable unit, size and weight are important. You’ll want something that’s easy to carry and store. Look for features like:

  • Carrying handles
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight construction

Safety Features

Safety should never be compromised. Essential safety features might include:

  • Overheat protection
  • Flame failure protection
  • Anti-freezing protection

Energy Efficiency

Lastly, Energy Efficiency determines ongoing costs and environmental impact. Higher efficiency means lower operating costs.

For an informed purchase, make sure to analyze each feature according to your specific needs.

Benefits of Portable Tankless Water Heaters

When you’re considering a water heating solution, portable tankless water heaters offer an array of advantages tailored for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Energy Efficiency

A standout feature is their energy efficiency. Unlike traditional heaters with tanks, your portable tankless heater only heats water on demand. This means you’re not paying to keep a tank of water hot when you don’t need it, which can lead to savings on your energy bill.

Compact and Space-Saving

Their small footprint is also a significant benefit. With no tank to accommodate, these heaters are compact and can be easily mounted in tight spaces. This is ideal for small homes, RVs, or outdoor use where space is at a premium.

  • Unlimited Hot Water: As long as you have fuel and water supply, you’ll enjoy a continuous flow of hot water, perfect for long showers or tasks that require a lot of hot water.
  • Portability: One of the biggest perks is portability. Whether you’re camping or need an outdoor shower, these heaters can go virtually anywhere you need them.

Temperature Control

Most models offer precise temperature control, allowing you to set your desired temperature for comfort and safety.

  • Longevity: Typically, a tankless water heater has a longer lifespan than tank models, which can help offset the initial investment over time.

Using a portable tankless water heater does more than just provide hot water; it promises efficiency, convenience, and adaptability for your dynamic needs.

Installation and Maintenance Guide for Portable Tankless Water Heaters

When setting up your portable tankless water heater, begin by choosing a suitable location. Look for a flat, stable surface with adequate ventilation. Keep the area clear of flammable materials.

Installation Steps:

  1. Connect the Gas Supply: If your unit is gas-powered, properly connect it to a propane tank or natural gas line.
  2. Water Hookup: Attach the water inlet and outlet. Ensure proper sealing to prevent leaks.
  3. Power Source: Plug in the unit to an electrical outlet or ensure batteries are fully charged if required.
  4. Ignition: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ignite the heater.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Regular Inspection: Monthly, check for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Cleaning: Every few months, clean the water inlet filter to avoid blockage.
  • Winter Care: If exposed to freezing temperatures, drain the unit to prevent damage.
  • Annual Check-up: Once a year, have a professional service the heater, especially the burners and fan.

To maintain efficiency and longevity, refer to the user manual for specific guidance tailored to your model. Remember, proper upkeep will help keep your heater running safely and effectively.

Final Verdict: Best Portable Tankless Water Heater

After thorough research and consideration, the Camplux Portable Water Heater emerges as the top pick. Its standout feature is the user-friendly design, coupled with impressive efficiency that makes it ideal for on-the-go hot water needs.

The adjustable water temperature and flow rate ensure you have hot water exactly when and how you need it, making it perfect for camping trips or backyard use.

In close second, the GASLAND Outdoors BE158 boasts remarkable portability and comes with safety features, such as the overheat protection and anti-freezing protection, which are essential for your peace of mind when using it outdoors.

The energy-saving technology of the GASLAND Outdoors BE158 ensures you enjoy consistent hot water while conserving fuel.

When choosing a portable tankless water heater for your own use, remember to prioritize ease of use, safety features, and energy efficiency.

These elements are crucial in finding a balance between comfort and practicality while ensuring you have hot water available wherever your adventures may take you.

Keep these fundamental aspects in mind, and you’ll be well-equipped to select the best portable tankless water heater to meet your needs, ensuring a reliable hot water supply on your next outdoor outing.

Frequently Asked Questions

When using portable tankless water heaters, it’s essential to ensure safety, efficiency, and correct operation. The following FAQs provide concise guidance tailored to common concerns and queries.

How do I safely operate a portable propane water heater with a pump?

To safely operate your portable propane water heater, always place it on a flat, stable surface away from flammable materials. Ensure proper ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide build-up. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for connecting the propane tank and pump, and regularly check for gas leaks.

Can I use a portable tankless water heater for indoor showers?

Most portable tankless water heaters are designed for outdoor use due to ventilation requirements. If you want to use one indoors, only do so if it’s approved for indoor use with proper flue installation to safely vent exhaust gases.

What are the power requirements for an electric portable water heater?

Electric portable tankless water heaters typically require a power source ranging from 110V to 240V, depending on the model. Ensure your power source can handle the wattage specified by the heater’s manufacturer and that any extension cords are appropriately rated for the appliance’s power draw.

What is the temperature range I can expect from a portable tankless water heater?

The temperature range for portable water heaters can vary but generally falls between 30°F and 110°F. Some models offer adjustable temperature controls, while others have a preset temperature range based on the water flow rate and outdoor temperature.


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