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AprilAire E100 Pro Dehumidifier Review: Ideal for Large Homes?

Dealing with excess moisture in your home can be a troublesome task, especially if you're faced with the common problems of dampness, molds, and musty odors. It's critical to maintain a comfortable and healthy living environment by controlling indoor humidity levels.

Fortunately, the AprilAire E100 Pro dehumidifier steps in as one of the best indoor air quality solutions to handle spaces as large as 5,500 sq. ft., which includes large basements and entire homes.

This unit operates without the hassle of constantly emptying a water tray, thanks to its continuous draining feature. It also boasts a user-friendly interactive display that simplifies the setup process while providing peace of mind through its sturdy, USA-made construction, complete with corrosion-resistant aluminum coils.

Beyond easing your dehumidifying concerns, the E100 Pro is an Energy Star Certified product, emphasizing efficiency while being gentle on the electricity bill. It is ideal for dehumidifying your basement, sealed crawl space, or whole home.

With its smart sensing technology, the device automatically kicks in when it detects humidity levels exceeding your set target. This kind of automation is not just convenient—it is transformative for maintaining an ideal indoor climate.

Despite its robustness in managing moisture, some users have pointed out the installation process can be challenging, although the rewards of installation seem to be well worth the effort.

Bottom Line

When looking to tackle high humidity head-on, the Aprilaire E100 Dehumidifier is a strong contender. It blends efficiency with efficacy, making it an attractive proposition.

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Meet the AprilAire E100 Pro 100-Pint Dehumidifier

If you're seeking a robust solution to humidity woes in spaces as expansive as 5,500 square feet, the E100 Pro from AprilAire might be right up your alley.

With its impressive ability to eliminate up to 100 pints of moisture every day, it's a powerhouse designed to tackle dampness in large basements, entire homes, or even commercial settings.

It is designed to dehumidify the air coming into the unit by passing the incoming air over an evaporator coil to drop the air temperature below the dew point of the air.

Moisture is removed from the air and drained out of the unit to a common floor or waste drain. The air is then reheated in the condenser coil and exits the unit.

What stands out is its smart sensing technology. It activates automatically once the humidity levels exceed your desired target, meaning you won't have to fiddle with controls constantly.

Considerably energy-wise, this model doesn't just pull moisture from the air but does so efficiently, meriting it an Energy Star Most Efficient certification.

When it comes to installations, the E100 Pro remains considerate of your time. Ditch the hassle of emptying water trays—with a hose hookup, ongoing draining is hassle-free.

Maintenance similarly takes a backseat with a once-a-year filter check or replacement.

Lastly, durability is at the core of AprilAire's design philosophy. Encased in corrosion-resistant aluminum coils, this dehumidifier is an investment crafted to endure, and a 5-year warranty reinforces that promise.

Key Features

When looking for a solution to manage humidity levels in large spaces, the attributes of the product in question are crucial. Let's explore the standout characteristics of the AprilAire E100 Pro Dehumidifier and see if it's the right fit for your needs.

Compactness and Coverage

Despite its ability to cover an impressive floor area of up to 5,500 sq. ft., the E100 boasts a relatively compact form factor of 14"D x 26"W x 15"H. Its design caters to both residential and commercial spaces without taking up excessive room.

The unit's capacity to remove 100 pints of moisture per day means it can handle demanding environments like basements and crawl spaces effectively.

Noise Levels

You'll appreciate that the E100 operates without causing a noticeable ruckus. While exact decibel levels aren't provided, the operation noise is sufficiently subdued to not intrude into your daily activities, which is a significant plus for a dehumidifier of its caliber.

Energy Star Most Efficient Certified

The Energy Star certification implies that the E100 won't be a burden on your electricity bills. This efficient whole-house dehumidifier minimizes energy consumption while maintaining high performance. Its eco-friendly design aligns with those conscious of their carbon footprint.

Smart Sensing Technology

“Set and forget” might be the phrase you're looking for! This dehumidifier adjusts its settings automatically once it detects humidity levels exceeding your target. This intelligent feature means you can focus on your life, confident that the E100 will maintain the desired comfort.

Filter System

The E100 comes with a washable MERV 8 Filter, ensuring that air circulation is not only moisture-free but also cleaner. The filter is reusable, cutting down on maintenance costs and hassle.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

Getting the E100 up and running is straightforward, with no need for you to empty messy trays. All that's required is to affix a hose for draining or place dehumidifier over a drain and set your target humidity.

The simplicity of setup with the built in digital control and the easy-to-follow manuals aid in a stress-free installation process. Low maintenance is another key benefit of this humidifier.

Durable, U.S.A.-Made Quality

Durability is not in question with the E100. It's built with corrosion-resistant aluminum coils which prevent mold, termites, structural wood rot, and odors with no messy water tray to empty, ensuring longevity and performance. Being a product of a reputable U.S.-based brand known for quality indoor air solutions, you can rest assured of its reliability and craftsmanship.

This dehumidifier is shaping up to be a promising investment for those looking to tackle humidity challenges head-on. With a balance of coverage, quiet operation, energy efficiency, and ease of use, it's designed to simplify your climate control efforts while proving to be a durable asset in your space.

Pros and Cons


When it comes to controlling humidity in your space, the E100 Pro's got your back. Its Energy Star certification means that while it's tackling up to 100 pints of moisture daily, it's also easy on your wallet, saving energy and money.

There's no fuss about emptying water trays; simply set up a drain hose and let it do its magic autonomously. If convenience had a name, it would be the "set and forget" feature—smart sensing jumps into action when humidity levels rise, without you lifting a finger.

Imagine a device designed to stand the test of time; that's what you get with the E100 Pro's corrosion-resistant aluminum coils. Built to endure, AprilAire shows their confidence in American manufacturing, serving as a testament to quality.

And let's not overlook its ability to maintain a large area, effectively managing moisture for spaces up to 5,500 sq. ft. Handy, right?


Despite its perks, some users have noted the E100 Pro comes with a heftier price tag—a potential hiccup if you're budget-conscious.

And while set up is praised for its simplicity, if you’re not quite the DIY type, you might require professional installation, which is an additional expense.

Furthermore, some customers have mentioned that despite its efficiency in moisture control, the unit's size can be a bit intrusive in smaller areas.

You'll want to ensure you have ample space where it won't become a centerpiece, especially if you’re working with a cozy crawlspace.

In a nutshell, while the E100 Pro might take a bigger bite out of your budget initially, its features and efficiency reflect a long-term investment in maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Real User Experiences

When you're battling humidity on a massive scale, especially in spaces like basements or entire homes, the E100 Pro can be quite the workhorse.

Many users appreciate its simple installation process and the two operating modes: as a standalone unit or integrated with your central HVAC system. For the DIY crowd, setting up the E100 Pro appears to be straightforward, which is a relief.

Yet, it's not all smooth sailing; some users encountered hiccups. In particular, a user from Georgia noted the dehumidifier's effectiveness in their sizeable shop, but had challenges getting in touch with customer service over a minor issue.

This certainly highlights the importance of robust support for such a critical home appliance.

Homeowners with new properties or those with extensive hardwood flooring have reported the E100 Pro's efficiency in maintaining optimal humidity levels, helping to safeguard their investment.

What it boils down to is, while the E100 Pro may be on the pricier side, the consensus suggests that you're getting a robust and reliable device for the investment.

Comparison with Competitor Products

When considering the E100 Pro in the realm of robust dehumidifiers, you’ll note that its promise of maintaining an ideal humidity level is echoed by many of its competitors.

What sets this unit apart is its energy efficiency, as it is Energy Star Most Efficient Certified, meaning it operates with minimal impact on your energy bill—a factor not all dehumidifiers can boast.

Ease of installation and maintenance are also noteworthy. Unlike some models that have you frequently emptying water trays, the E100 is all about convenience with options for continuous draining.

Your involvement is minimal, aligning with the 'set and forget' philosophy for humidity control. The smart sensing technology automatically starts the process once humidity rises above your set target, providing a hands-off experience.

While price is an important consideration, remember that opting for a cheaper alternative might mean compromising on durability.

Given its corrosion-resistant aluminum coils and a strong warranty, the E100 is designed to last, which is a significant advantage over some lesser-priced models.

You'll find in user experiences that cheaper units may fail just outside their warranty, but with the E100, long-term reliability is part of the package.

As you weigh your options, ponder these differences—a cheaper initial price tag may seem tempting, but the long-term reliability, coupled with the efficiency gains of the E100, could offer greater value in the end.


The Aprilaire E100 is a commendable choice if you're looking for a dehumidifier capable of handling large spaces with commercial-grade efficiency.

With a 4.5-star rating from nearly 200 users, the feedback highlights its easy installation and versatile operation options. It’s Energy Star Certified, meaning it's designed to maintain optimal humidity levels without running up your energy bill.

Customers have shared stories of the E100 effectively managing moisture in various settings, from crawlspaces to large basements and even in spacious two-story workshops.

You'll appreciate that you can integrate it with your home's central system or operate it as a standalone unit. There's mention of it working effectively even in high-humidity areas like Georgia, maintaining a comfortable humidity level.

Although it comes with a higher price tag compared to some other models, its performance and design seem to justify the investment. If you're up against persistent humidity problems in a large space, the Model E100 100 pint by Aprilaire could be a durable and reliable solution.


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