Amana NFW7300WW Review-The Best Front-Load Washer?

Published in Washing Machines on 12th March 2012

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Another good way to cut down on your utilities is to use a front load washer for washing your laundry. Front-load washers are great appliances with its water saving and energy saving design.

It has been mentioned online that the Amana NFW7300WW is a good model for households limited by space and is priced economically for customers who want to make a switch from a top-load to a front-load washer.

In view of this, I have decided to provide my readers an unbiased review of this Amana front load washer to help them decide if this unit is suitable for them.

However if you are sure that this unit is suitable for you, here is the link by Amazon that offers the best prices for this washer: Amana NFW7300WW Best Deals

If not, here is my unbiased review!

Benefits Of Owning A Amana NFW7300WW

Space-Saving Design

The Amana NFW7300WW is designed in a way that it is great for households with limited space. It can be installed under counter tops, and if you require a dryer, there is a dryer option available that can be stacked on top of the washer.  Besides that, its well-designed aesthetics also give this washer a sporty and sleek look.

3.5 cu.ft D.O.E equivalent capacity

The Amana NFW7300WW has a stainless steel drum, so there is no fear of corrosion, enabling higher spin speeds for increased water removal and reducing drying time. Being a front load washer means that there is no agitator, so you can also use the Amana NFW300WW to wash items as large as a queen-size comforter at one go!

Energy-Star Certified

This Amana front-load washer is Energy-Star certified. It allows you to save water and energy by using 73% less water and 76% less energy compared to conventional top load washers.

EvenSpin Vibration Control™ System

The EvenSpin Vibration Control system stabilises the wash basket during the wash cycles for reduced vibration and noise. Now you can install your washer at almost everywhere in your home!

Auto Water Levels

The sensor in-built in the Amana NFW300WW allows the washer to detect and use the minimal amount of water required for both cleaning and rinsing of your laundry load. Since only the required amount of water is utilised for your washing, you also save energy. This also allows you to obtain the same good washing results regardless of your washing load sizes.

Touch and Go Electronic Controls

This simple and well-designed control panel allows you to select for your cycle and options with just a push of a single button. No complicated button selection is required!

Detergent, Bleach and Fabric Softener Dispenser

This automatic dispenser is compartmentalised into 3 sections for you to load your laundry products prior to washing. As your cycle starts, it will make that all laundry products will be dispensed into your wash cycle in the correct sequence for high-performance cleaning. So you will have no fear of forgetting or adding the products for a cleaner and efficient wash!

Add-a-Garment Indicator

This indicator was made for forgetful people like you and me! This Add-a-Garment Indicator will tell you when it is safe for you to put in your missing sock or shirt that you will need tomorrow.


DimensionsHeight = 14.5 in.
Width = 11.5 in.
Depth = 4.5 in.
Weight = 13.8 pounds
Installation ModeIndoors and Outdoors
(Temporary setup)
Production CapacityMaximum of 1.5 GPM
Temperature Range80 to 150 Degrees Fahrenheit
Power SourceLiquid propane and "2" D Batteries operated ignition
Ideal Operating Pressure20 to 80 PSI
Heating Power37500 BTU
Energy Efficiency85%


Customer Reviews on Amana NFW7300WW

I have read many recent customer reviews and have summarised them below into pros and cons.

The pros 🙂

Positive reviews from customers include its affordable price, water and electricity saving capabilities, great looking and sleek design, and it’s simple to use electronic control panel for setting up your wash cycle; everything is done via a single, intuitive button with no complex settings required to set up your desired cycle. The Amana NFW7300WW’s quietness during spin cycles is also one of the positives mentioned.

Other positives include minor details like the design of its front door that swings open to the left that allows easy movement of your laundry from washer to dryer without the door getting in your way. Its stackable dryer option is also great for household that do not have the space for a separate dryer unit.

The Detergent Advantage System Dispenser tray, divided into detergent, bleach and fabric softener, lets you get the best performance of your laundry products by timing their release into the wash cycle to optimise their cleaning capabilities giving you cleaner washing. This allows clean laundry with minimal usage of laundry products.

The negatives  🙁

There are some negatives that have been raised by customers with regards to the Amana NFW7300WW. Washing of small items like socks and stockings have to be put into laundry bags before washing, as they have been mentioned to get stuck in the mechanism.

Some customers also feel that there are too few cycles or washing modes in this washer. Even with the “Add-a-Garment” indicator, you are still required to stand and wait before the washer will prompt you to put in your missing washing unlike top-load washers where you can just throw your washing in the midst of the wash cycle.

How does Amana NFW7300WW rank on popular websites?


16 customers at Amazon gave the Amana NFW7300WW an average of 4.2/5 stars. Out of 16 customers, 10 gave it a maximum of 5.0/5 stars.

Home Depot

59 customers at Home Depot gave the Amana NFW7300WW an average of 4.0/5 stars. Out of 59 customers, 36 gave it a maximum of 5.0/5 stars.

Warranty Information

Purchasing the Amana NFW7300WW entitles you to a Limited One Year warranty – that includes Parts and Labor. For one (1) year from the original retail purchase date, any part which fails in normal home use will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

Best Deals for Amana NFW7300WW

As I was doing my research on this Amana front load washer, I found out that shopping online for this washer is very convenient with many sites offering this washer. However among the sites, I discovered that that Amazon actually offers the lowest price for this washer. So to get the Amana NFW7300WW, a good place to get it will be from Amazon that will guarantee you savings!

In fact here is the link by Amazon: Amana NFW7300WW Best Deals

 (Download the Specification Sheet for Amana NFW7300WW here)


 (Last Updated 20th March 2012)