Advantages of Magnetic Energy

Published in Magnetic Energy on 9th January 2011

Like solar, wind and other potential sources of renewable energy, magnetic energy has also been earmarked as one of the possible candidates to replace fossil fuels like natural gas, oil and coal in the generation of electricity.

To harness the advantages of magnetic energy, we must first know how it works!

How is Generation of  Electricity from Magnetic Energy Done?

Firstly, this was only possible as a result of discoveries by Faraday and Oersted; a moving magnet can produce an electric current in a wire and the presence of a magnetic field around a wire with current flowing it.

Therefore in a magnetic energy generator, the rotor has wires coiled around it. It is also surrounded by non-moving outer coils of wire. Before starting, a small electric current is passed through the non-moving outer coils that allow it to act as an electromagnet that generate a magnetic field where the rotor will turn.

Since the rotor turns in the field, there will be current generated… Nothing fancy! Like most renewable energy sources, there are many developments in the production of devices and work plans by companies in a bid to respond to the call for renewable energy utilisation.

Therefore there are plenty of options available currently for the average home-owner, besides solar and wind power, to get and start on your own DIY project for your own magnetic energy generator.

The Advantages of Magnetic Energy are

Versatile and Resilient

It is very resistant, suitable for all weathers, conditions and households. This generator is solely dependent on the magnetism of the magnets… unlike solar and wind energy.

Constant Source of Production 

Production of the electricity is continuous until the magnets are removed from the connection.

Generation of Income

Like wind and solar energy, excess energy can be generated and sold back to the energy company and thus make a profit!

Economical to build

It does not cost a fortune to build magnetic energy generator. The materials that you need can be purchased relatively cheaply at your local hardware store. In short you will need a strong magnet; like a horseshoe, wire setup that is connected at two ends to form a circuit that will be connected to your power gird.

Since the wire will be turning continuously, the current produced will be that of alternating current (AC). To convert that to direct current (DC), you need to install a commutator.

Minimal Maintenance

There is no need for maintenance unlike solar panels and wind turbines. Magnetic energy generators rarely need any attention and repair costs are cheap.

Environmentally Friendly

There is absolutely no environmental impact on this mode of electricity generation. No harmful emissions or by-products are generated… and No creation of excess heat!

Since the advantages of magnetic energy are many, this is definitely a green and cheap option worth considering!