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There are currently up to 879 million sites and rising on the Internet that offer information about green energy. However some of these sites are actually purely merchant sites that promote products with no aim in providing information about green energy. Besides some of the product reviews tend to be biased and skewed towards the advantages of the products with no real customer reviews.

Therefore with this in mind, I have decided to set up Green Energy Helps.

What is Green Energy Helps all About?

Green Energy Helps is a site that aims to provide information on green energy and how it can be harnessed to be utilised in your daily life. Unbiased green products reviews on popular and recommended green products are also available to help interested consumers to get a fair view, compare prices so as to get the best deal available for the product.

For easy navigation around the site, the information have been divided into 4 main categories


Green Energy and their Advantages

In this section, we will go through what is green energy? their types and the advantages of harnessing it for their usage in our lifes! Examples of successful cases of the incorporation of green energy in our daily lifes will also be listed.

Short sections discussing the types of green energy will also be available. Step-by-step instructions will also be provided for those who want to build your DIY wind turbines and solar panels for generating your own electricity.



Green Product Reviews/ Information

At this section, information about what differentiates a green product from a conventional one is provided. These green household products range are also discussed with their advantages summarised in respective sections. are also provided for popular recommendations offered by reputable online companies.

Green product reviews of popular makes and models will also be provided From these reviews, consumers can weigh out the pros and cons, compare the prices before making a purchase.



Free and practical tips for green living  

In this section, I will provide free and practical tips for you to switch to green living in your daily life. Green alternatives to current available options like furniture right down to food will also be provided in my free and practical tips for you to live the green way in a hassle-free manner!




Green Information

In this section, I will include useful green information like types of plastics, vegetables that you should buy organic, list of green organisations and many more. Head in here to find useful factual information about green energy, green living and everything green on the whole!  



 Green Energy Helps on Youtube 

Green Energy Helps is now on Youtube! In our channel, you will find short video clips about tips that will help you in leading a green lifestyle. I will also be including product reviews and useful green information in the channel in a progressive manner. Thanks for your viewing and support in advance! 

Green Cartoon Series

Remenber the cartoon series Captain Planet and the Planeteers? It is an old cartoon series from the 1990s that featured the damage to Earth by humans and how to rectify it as the main theme. In this cartoon series, 5 people from around the world with their special rings that contained the basic elemental powers like “Water, Earth, Fire, Wind” (natural powers) and “Heart” that only we humans can have. 

Together once these powers combine, Captain Planet will appear to help the Earth – which is similar to us putting our efforts (both great and small) together to save the Earth. So hopefully for those who have not watched it before, please take a look at the videoes… and for those who are aware of this… this might a ride down memory lane… at least it was for me! 

 Captain Planet Opening Theme

Captain Planet Ending Theme

To end off, if you still require any other information about green energy that Green Energy Helps to be lacking in, hopefully you can find the answers in my Ezine articles and new Youtube Channel. Do come back periodically to Green Energy Helps especially if you require any latest information on green energy and green products.

Remember “The Power Is Yours !”

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